Sheehan's "Long Game" Deception in Casino Support

So, you thought you couldn’t be bought? Apparently, you can and you were sold out by the newly elected “Mayor” Sheehan and her team of self-dealing neophytes. While TU’s Jordie reported on the recent East Greenbush deal in quite some detail, what he didn’t mention is the backstory.

In that article, he mentioned that the conniving Matt Peters, “Mayor” Sheehan’s Chief of Staff (who, I hear,  likes to be called “Chief”) has been serving on the Capitalize Albany board in some capacity. However, I hear that in the most recent meeting, the board voted to increase the size of the board by one…that position? My folks tell me…Matt Peters.

I’d love to provide you with links to both the CAC minutes and several City of Albany references but it appears that both websites have gone offline…possibly a little Labor Day housekeeping in light of the recent questionable deal-making? Me thinks it’s more than a coincidence.

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Albany "Welcomes" Train Hobos

Have you seen them? You would know if you had, they arrived via CSX from Cleveland and have been terrorizing citizens ever since. I caught my first glimpse out the window of a CDTA bus at 12:15 on Sunday afternoon. They walked in a pack, trudging up the wide sidewalk on the west side of the Armory, two dogs were leashed to the pack and I would bet they smelled better than them.

They pack of five or six dressed in camaflague and carried huge backpacks, half were sporting long matted dreds which, I imagined, stunk from every train between here and Cleveland. My bus bounded west as I stared backwards toward the unsuspecting local derelicts hanging at the Armory bus shelter. The writer in me urged me to jump off the bus and head back to the promised action, the smart half recalled the Sheriff's voice in my head, "you stay right on the bus!" I obeyed...for once.

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APD: Implosion Awareness

APD announces Downtown advisories for building implosion:


Traffic Advisory - Road Closures and Parking Restrictions




Columbia Development Companies have announced plans to implode the Wellington Annex on the morning of Thursday, August 21. Therefore, the following road closures and parking restrictions are announced for August 21, 2014 in the City of Albany.




Parking Restrictions:




August 21, 2014 12:01AM - approximately 1PM




State Street, both sides from S. Swan Street to Eagle Street


State Street, both sides from Eagle Street to Lodge Street


State Street, north side from N. Pearl Street to Lodge Street


Park Street, both sides from Lancaster Street to State Street


Eagle Street, both sides from Lancaster Street to State Street


Howard Street, both sides from N. Pearl Street to Eagle Street


S. Pearl Street, both sides from State Street to Hudson Avenue


Market Street, both sides from S. Pearl Street to Eagle Street


Lodge Street, both sides from Beaver Street to State Street


Wendell Street, both sides from Howard Street to Beaver Street

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Never a Dull Moment at Albany Common Council

On Monday night, I attended my first Albany Common Council caucus since the "new" Council took over in January. And, the dynamic was most interesting. Before you get your hopes up, there was no yelling...but even more interestingly than legislative screaming...Mayor Sheehan made a presentation to the Common Council. Or should I say, "Mayor" Sheehan told a tale of casino woe.

It seems "Mayor" Sheehan never recieved a written proposal for neither the East Greenbush nor the Rensselaer Casino for financial support or anything else for that matter. Sheehan starts off the timeline with a meeting with Sheehan by Mayor Dwyer in which a verbal offer of $1 million dollars a year..."Mayor" Sheehan's response? "Put it in writing."

 As "Mayor"Sheehan reminds the Council, "cause, ya know, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." Of course, this is in reference to the E-23 opportunity going across the river. Well, "Mayor" Sheehan, this is not an example of "fooling" you, this is an example of a business man realizing that if you (and your gatekeeper, Matt Peters) are this much of a pain in the ass during the initial conversations, a ten year commitment to dealing with a pain in the ass is not going to be in the cards.

Next up, naive "Mayor" Sheehan notes that no one will get back to her...she has sent MOUs which have been rejected...she has sent emails, Matt has sent emails...but the big boy developers and the Mayors willing to work with them like "big boys and girls" are done with Albany. The City is not business friendly and not willing to become business friendly..."Mayor" Sheehan, you are being snubbed and the personalities within your administration are a big part of your problem.

Sheehan laments that Dwyers sent his deadline via media...dissing her and her sidekick PIA. Heck, he just sent his latest rejection of her MOU at 4PM this afternoon. Can you say snubbed? Sheehan notes that she has merely been handed a "take it or leave it" offer. She goes on to remind the members of the Common Council that they don't NEED to officially support either the East Greenbush or Rensselaer Casino, they can support both...ya know, so they win either way noting that they will be on the winning side either way....that gives them leverage. Uhm..."Mayor" Sheehan, the value of your support is that you are supporting one project over the other...that gives that project leverage. Doofus....yeah, give support to both Casinos...perhaps that's why you are not even getting a call  back on your MOU.

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Albany County Executive Sets Public Hearing Date on Local Law D

From the County Executive:


Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy will hold a public hearing on Local Law D on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 5 pm in the Cahill Room at the Harold L. Joyce Albany County Office Building.


Local Law D prohibits the sale of tobacco products in licensed health care institutions, pharmacies and retail establishments containing a pharmacy in Albany County.


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