Albany Politics Just Warming Up

I’ve been away much too long!! This primary season, I’m hearing, is going to be a wild one! First we have Cohoes power juggling with the “three musketeers,” Ralph Signoracci, Shawn Morse and Randy Koniowka. If the cards are played right, Ralph will be granted Morse County Legislative seat and maintain his post as President of the Cohoes Common Council, Morse will take over his uncle’s seat as Mayor of Cohoes and Koniowka will remain as County Legislative Clerk and will be elected to the Cohoes Common Council.

How’s that for a trifacta!!

Back in Albany, I got a frantic call last week when it was learned that SOMEONE would be primarying Mert Simpson in the 2nd Legislative District. Of course, I made calls and the potential candidate remained secret. Then, last night, I peeked at Facebook and I see that Sam Coleman announced that he had he “was unanimously endorsed as the Albany County Candidate for the Second Legislative District.

Sure, this is Albany so I’m not often surprised by the political jousting but this caught me by surprise. If this is true, it means that the Dems are backing this Sam Coleman, this Sam Coleman, this Sam Coleman, this Sam Coleman, this Sam Coleman, this Sam Coleman, this Sam Coleman and this….well, you’ve got the picture if you followed those links.

Now, I should tell you, I like Sam Coleman…he’s a good guy but he’s spent more time in jail than some of us spend on our cell phones. After his last release on 7/28/2014, we shared a belly laugh when I asked what he was drinking as I guzzled my beer, “Coke,” he replied. I nodded, “so you didn’t cook it this time?”

So, if Sam’s announcement is accurate, it means that the committee is supporting a convicted felon over the sitting County Legislator, Mert Simpson. And, honestly, I must say, I would have to support the felon. Ya see, Mert is a bit of a pain in the butt. Case in Point. The first thing that pops into my head when I think about Simpson is “LATE.” Mert is late to everything…always. He’s that person that habitually runs into a mid-meeting, disrupting everything and then orating on something he missed when he was late to the meeting. (That’s when he shows up for a committee meeting!)

And, as everyone knows, you don’t interrupt Mr. Simpson. While Simpson was an ally of the County Exec in the last election, word from an insider regarding this year’s run, “he’s toast.” Ya see, Mert Simpson is a person with a very limited perspective….he’s incapable of picking up on which side his bread is buttered. In a bewildering turn of events, this legislator (and his “pants wearin’ wife”) did battle with the powers that be to keep a “Drop In Center” out of his West Hill neighborhood as it would lower property values.

Hmmm…Sheridan Avenue property values dropping? May I point out that the Drop In center down the street was formerly set among collapsing buildings but is now surrounded by brand new residences. Simpson and wife also went on record against the Drop In Center as they claimed it would attract sex offenders seeking services to their hood. Another hmmmm….within one quarter mile of Simpson Castle, there are 19 registered sex offenders living in 9 locations…and that’s only the registered offenders!! (Yeah, this Simpson battle irritates me more every time I’m reminded of it!)



Eventually, Simpson and Love (his pants wearin wife and State Democratic Committee Member) folded when they ran out of funding in their always escalating battle. I hear there was even a request in the direction of Mayor Jennings for $10,000 worth of funds. (I don’t think that request ever got to Big Jerry.) Of course, those funds may have been a little for the court and a little for his Gallery. (A “gallery” inherited from his father….to add a bit to my irritation with this legislator…a father that Simpson buried with funds from a paypal beg!)


And, if I needed more fuel for my fire….no, I’m not going to go there…but my fuel involves a some very bad behavior on the part of Simpson’s wife…and our STATE Democratic Committee Chair. As my buddy Preet says, “stay tuned.”





#2 Marlon Anderson 2015-06-02 12:41
Politics as usual in the city of Albany. Its time the people in this city OPEN their eyes to the direction this city and THEIR communties are going. WE need LEADERS with REAL concern and Ideas for the city and community, not wannabe politicans who treat the buisness of the people like its a street hustle!!!
#1 Westender 2015-05-30 18:12
This is the new norm for Albany Politics, we have the Robinsons one is a council member, other is running in the south end for a county leg seat ( legal address Livingston Ave) unless it's been changed for the political season remember Swan St., Marcus Barnes running for a seat in the West Hill, and not to be left out Wanda, ok ok she didn't do it but she knew it. I'm still amazed that a council member was allowed two properties from last tax auction when he had a property tax foreclosed. Forclosed property now land bank watch after rehab will he regain ownership. Oh wait he's still using it as his office.

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