Common Council Gets Busy...well, not so much

Tonight I am with the Albany Common Council meeting...hey, I told you I was coming out of semi-retirement. Apparently absence makes the hearrt grow fonder.I've been hit by many tips...some more exciting than others but all fun. This evening will be a short one at City Hall, but I think one of the most interesting discussion was had in the caucus room.

With all the Council members toting and grumbling about their new iPads. Seems they need a new system to synch up their emails and files. Ya know, the ones that have been sent via email forever. My Councilman, Richard Conti, hadn't even opened his yet...he calls "opening' "getting familiar with." Ms. Golby doesn't plan to use hers much and prefers the email so that she can access documents easier. The others all seemed to growl at their ability to access the iPad system.

Hmmm...I don't know how much iPads cost but we have 15 seats and several support staff along with the Prez. So, here ya go, the Council has money for the St. Paddy's Parade and iPads all around.....but nothing for Juneteenth. (I've typed all this while Ms. McLaughlin has been orating about Henry Johnson.)

The first speaker, an old die-hard public commenter has a comment de jour...he wants an intervention re: a demolition. Okay...I'm tunin' out. Apparently Ms. McLaughlin has lot track of the time this speaker has used as he just keeps going. (Of course, she was having a discussion Ms. Samel...returning to the mic with, I swear I heard, "what's he sayin?")

Finally, Vincent Rigosu takes to the microphone. He's the real pro commenter. He opens with "Since we're light on speakers, I'd like to speak for 15 minutes." That's my guy!! Rigosu is going on record tonight regarding medical marijuana. Rigosu doesn't want to inconvenience the marijuana distribution to be in the warehouse district. "If this dispenser is in the warehouse district, those with prescriptions will need to find their way to the warehouse district...filled with drinking and partying establishments and not close to the hospitals. It appears that "Mayor" Sheehan wants the medical marijuana dispensary in the warehouse district...why? You know, don't ask silly questions.

So, it appears the overlay for the rezoning of the warehouse district has been sent to be a discussion for another day. (Sure it is!) It appears as if some resolution just passed unanimously re: medical marijuana...oh my, I've been away too long....I'm not used to this stuff anymore.

Conti calls for a vote on the resolution commemorate the Pride Parade and the Black and Latino Pride Party...what is this....Gay Month? Oh yeah, and there's that Art on Lark commemoration needed their. Conti tells that it is indeed Gay Month as he salutes the Gay Flag hanging from the front of City Hall....and then, not to be outdone by Ms. McLaughlin's history lesson, Conti waxes poetic on the gay rights "revolution."

Mr. Conti points to his pride in the LGBT Group in his ward..."the oldest in the nation," he glows. Chew on this mumble-mouth...this historic group will not hire anyone who is not my world that would translate to discrimination. I was laughed at when I suggest that practice was discriminatory. (Funny, Conti is now mumblin about discrimination against "his kind.") Heck, what do you think would happen if General Electric refused to even interview someone if they were LGBT.

And, the remaining resolutions are on hold...we call it a night. Well, after that silly Commissioner of Deeds thing.

To all my Council friends, thanks for keeping the evenin moving (except for the two orators) I'll try to get back in the swing of things...and I love a well timed softball.


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