Where in the World is Councilman Robinson?

I rid myself from television when the FCC flipped the analogue switch back in 2009….yeah, I’m a stubborn type! Anyway, I’m hearing that Mr. Robinson, the felon turned Councilman in Albany’s West Hill, has been ubiquitously vocal on every single shooting in his hood. And, my friends, sadly….there have been too many.

If you haven’t been paying attention, Robinson, until recently, had been known as known as, not a councilman, but the “neighborhood nemesis. “ Robinson has been preaching, as he is buying up abandoned buildings in the West Hill hood he represents, that he and his brothers are no longer the notorious Robinson family but a group of community activists.

Heck, Obar the Giant Robinson, who likes to tease me for my comments on this blog (I hope that’s teasing!!) even plans on running for office himself. Now, I’ve only lived in the Albany proper since 2006, so I wasn’t around for the Robinson’s reign, but I do have quite a talent for google. What I found is disturbing.


When Robinson wooped up on Sam Coleman in the last council election, the chuckles were many when Coleman was jailed for his admitted role in a drug bust the year after…and not his first. The most interesting aspect of this race is that both Coleman and Robinson have several convictions and both pulled in more votes than incumbent, Jackie Jenkins Cox.

I pondered this…so does that mean that the outlaws in the fifth have registered to vote and are actually taking over West Hill buy purchasing future drug houses and going unmonitored? Even if it’s not true, it sure does seem viable. (If you don’t believe that, take a close look at Robinson’s self-dealing with the land back and the council’s role in increasing his purchasing power.) Stay tuned for that Wednesday night meeting…you know I’ll be there!

Oh, oh, almost lost my point.

Where in the world is the attention seeking Mark Robinson after the shooting at the corner of Second and Lex….his house. (Or, sorta his house.) You see, the Robinsons are listed as owners of many of the houses on Lexington…some of their old drug stomping grouinds. While Mr. Robinson has been screaming for the end to violence, rumor has it, this shooting had a little something to do with his family member.

So, was Mr. Robinson living at the address he was registered to? Or, might Mr. Robinson be living over in the much safer third ward…or perhaps at the address listed on his tax rolls….in TROY. (Of course, the owner of that address is Sylvia Robinson…who has popped up as a sister of Mr. Robinson in some of the googling.) Check out that story re: Stevie the Brother Robinson known as the enforcer….serving a few years in the federal penn for “enforcing.”

So, this is what I’m hearing…the “South End gang-types” have teamed up with the “Troy gang-types” to attack the West Hill gang-types…cause, ya know, with all this Community Policing and the “Robinsons on Patrol” we don’t have any real gangs. Then there’s this

If you check out the sentencing document from the AG’s Gang Bust of 55 members, you’ll see that we’re amidst the outward migration from the penal system of those 55 felons. There is a great likelihood of those returning to the community will be joining up with the next generation that had been left to defend territory in their senior’s absence. Hey, this is just speculation from a lowly citizen…but might it explain the the Troy/Albany feud? I don’t have a solution, but I’m betting that wherever in the world Mr. Robinson’s exited to…he might have some insights

While at last week’s Common Council meeting, Mr. Robinson kept his head down and his mouth shut…sure, I know “Mayor” Sheehan hadn’t given him permission to talk but this seemingly scared silence seemed more than a “Mayoral” ball gag. I speculated to another in the peanut gallery, that’s a pre-indictment look if I’ve ever seen one. My Mother always reminded me that I’m not a mind-reader, but I’m not often wrong either….something’s going down and I’m betting Councilman Robinson….at one of his many addresses outside of his 5th Ward, knows more than a “common” Councilmember should know.

(Update...I hear there's been one other Robinson picked up in a gang sting since the Jungle Junkies....hey, you do the Robinson research, it's tiring!!)


#2 Westender 2015-06-12 00:57
Totally agree with your statements. There is so much wrong going on in the Fifth Ward it's crazy. How can he lose a bldg to tax foreclosure, stay in the bldg and pay no rent to the county. Then be allowed to purchase two properties from the tax auction for $100 a parcel. Work on these properties without permits, reported to codes who state work stop but you go by property and work continues. And as you wrote shots fired outside his "door" but no comments.
#1 Kyla Shannon 2015-06-11 23:38

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