County's 2nd District Election Just Got Nastier

I was with some political folks the other night lamenting the epic fail the quality of Albany’s elected officials. Not all of them mind you, just some. Last night, I was reminded of how nasty one such elected can be. Ya see, Joyce Love, elected by the people to the 108th District of the New York State Committee as the “lesser evil” over Wanda Willingham, has harassed me by both phone and texts when she didn’t like what I wrote about her.

I must say, the harassment I suffered was not as nasty as her most recent attack on Common Councilman, Ron Bailey, but I know by experience that she is a very tenacious harasser. In case you didn’t know, there is bloody political battle developing in the County’s 2nd Legislative District. The sides are clear, and Love makes them even more clear in her below texts to Bailey. It appears the only pol Love doesn’t inject in the harassment is Sheriff Apple.

Behold the illiterate vitriol of your elected official Joyce Love in texts to Councilman Bailey:

Fwd: over the last few years I found out how stupid you are you don't stick with anyone long just 4 years ago you were against Wanda and Carol and 2 years

[There is a sign on my office wall that says “stupid head.” It is a quote from my former boss’s 2 year old and that is the age that people should stop using the term “stupid” at least in a recorded context. The Wanda and Carol are the “Twisted Sisters.” Caroline McLaughlin, President of the Common Council and Chair of the County Dem Committee and two on the opposite side of the battle as Love and her husband, County Legislator, Mert Simpson.]

Fwd: oh since you were out there collecting signature did you get any for Danny Mccoy because I know that your up twisted sisters ass and they support Dan

[Danny McCoy is the County Executive, (see above for twisted sister reference) and, I assume that the Dan is Dan Egan, McCoy’s opponent.]

Fwd: Ron Scott is another asshole Wanda them mert now sam Coleman wow you guys need to get act together

[Ron Scott holds the keys to the low income housing tower at 45 Central and he decides which of the candidates he rolls out the red carpet for…usually based on shakedowns of the candidates…more on that later. Sam Coleman is Merton’s opponent in the 2nd Legislative District….you’ll remember him from this link.]

Fwd: I wish fowler was a live for this one God bless the dead he always said you wasn't s hit

[Love even seems to be evoking the Albany County spirits into her vitriol mentioning former County Legislator Fowler Reddick.  BTW,  I think she means “alive” and “shit”…at least she knew to capitalize God!]

Fwd: also you so busy on Facebook mark Robinson had to help mert get summer job for the community shame on you

[Mark Robinson Common Councilman of the 5th Ward in Albany, follow this link to get to know him better (more on that story later, they’ll be draggin the river for me!) Apparently, Simpson hasn’t figured out how be a “big boy” legislator after four years in the seat. I’m not sure what summer job is being discussed…but apparently there is political persuasion involved in obtaining it…or Mert is incapable of reading materials and distributing to his community.]

Fwd: you big large piece of s hit and your wife

[Again, I believe she means “shit.” And, again, place this on the juvenile insult list while it’s usually “big fat piece of shit” Delegate Love varies the derogatory phrase and then includes the Lovely Leta, almost as if she’s an after thought!]

Fwd: oh your the joke of arbor hill

[Well, that might be intended to hurt a person’s feelings.]

Fwd: one more thing and I'm done I don't have time to hate people who hate me I'm to busy trying to help Mert run his election

[As we already know, Love is a liar. It appears she has more than enough time to hate people.]

Fwd:  can't trust your colleagues politics is dirty what about what you did to your community they said no to interface

[I’m a little confused by this text, how can she spell “colleagues” and no “Interfaith?” She should know Interfaith well as it is her own little NIMBY battle that she lost. Oh yes, time a’plenty for hating.]

Fwd: But one good thing about that your right around the corner from them and I'll be moving

[Apparently, Ms. Love hates needy people also as she seems to be indicating that she’ll move to get away from Interfaith…seems that Mr. Bailey will be staying in the hood with Interfaith…a battle he won.]

Fwd: How many signatures did you get and your committee people get for Danny Mccoy as much as he has done for you

[This text references the debt of favors owed by Bailey to McCoy, Love’s candidate of choice. She is insinuating that Bailey didn’t fulfill his obligation to the current County Executive like she did…hey, you know how it works, that’s a story for later in the week.]

Fwd: Hey minister is right you created your own problems you have turn your back on everyone that help you

[I’m not sure what this reference is to, but then again, harassment doesn’t need to be logical, just mean…and she’s going for the throat.]

1/2:I just read your Facebook page wow you should try living by your own words because your the biggest 450 lb fool I know 2 years ago sam and Wanda was Fwd:  (2/2) a2/2:gainst you

[I’ve been told by nearly everyone defending Love’s behavior that “Joyce doesn’t even have a Facebook account”…I guess they were just mistaken…either that or Love’s a LIAR. And, for many reasons, I really, really hate juvenile “fat” comments. You’ve got to remember this harassing texter is not only an elected official but an adult! Sure, Ron’s a big guy, and he knows it…no need to remind him….that’s, well, just plain mean.]

Fwd: Oh mark Robinson has nothing nice to say about you

[Robinson doesn’t have anything good to say about Bailey? Big Woop!! Please see the above link to Mr. Robinson if you need to know why his endorsement is anything to be proud of.]

Fwd: Also the DA has a few quotes about you was not nice

[I’m SURE this is a lie, the DA wouldn’t say anything not nice about anyone...please see censures to verify that statement. Seems Bailey’s in good company with me.]

Fwd: Oh your colleagues are laughing at you I got them watching your Facebook page

[There she goes with that extensive vocabulary again…colleague must be her vocabulary word of the week.]

Seems there’s nasty on both side of this storm and I’ll be writing about both sides of it…there’s plenty of back story to spread around through Election Day. For now, Mr. Bailey’s has had enough and has called in the police and, he tells me, the detective unit has the complaints. I’m betting that the County DA will not prosecute....I mean, how could he, he’s in the complaint. Is this where the AG would step in?


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