Morse Smeared in Cohoes Mayoral

This morning I read the TU article about Shawn Morse’s opponent for Mayor of Cohoes, Dianne Nolan (with support from Assemblyman John McDonald), declining to seek support from the City Democrat Committee because, in a nutshell, her opponent is bullying the Committee members.

Dear Ms. Nolan, I have a feeling I know who advised you to take the strategy and I see it as a “chicken shit” move (as we say in Texas.) You know you’re going to lose the election….and you’re going to lose big. Cohoes is the last bastion of old-Albany politics and that old bullying

you suggest isn’t even needed there anymore.

Shawn Morse has a lock on this and with the press release you sent out, you embarrassed yourself with a whine. Think about it, Canvassing the committee is what candidates do…you know you didn’t have support because you were doing what you are accusing Mr. Morse of doing.


Morse, on the other hand, has no need to canvas the Committee because he has a lock on the Committee…..he has for a long time. That’s how it works. Seems to be there was an over-estimate of Nolan support and it’s too late to exit the election. So, from here on out, it appears the strategy will be to dirty up Morse for future elections.

Hey, whatever floats the prog boat. Just know that this act was sheer cowardice. I’ve always called Morse a bully, that doesn’t mean I don’t like him. Ya see, I’d rather have someone in the Mayor’s seat that is tough as nails and not someone who is only able to stand on their own two feet “for the people” when they have some prog leader bolstering their ego and guiding their actions.

Go back to your sheepherding or whatever it is cowards do when they aren’t making accusations….and grow a pair.



#4 Dan 2015-09-11 09:09
Shawn is indeed bullying. This is a fact. It could easily be proven. Yet, Shawn is a major Bully and he would seek to hurt
#3 sandra obrien 2015-08-15 12:31
really the mud slinging has to stop the people of cohoes will vote the 12th who they wnt to be mayor. as a person who will vote i will give my support to shawn for he has given back to us for years fir fighter emt legislature he never took anything for granted and earned his position for major because we all remember what he gave us. no one is telling us what to do we see for ourselves shawn is down to earth and earned this honor. see you on the 12th of sept. and the good one will win
#2 gloria peek 2015-08-15 11:02
So true and Shawn M.Morse is right on!!!!!!
#1 gloria peek 2015-08-15 10:54

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