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I feel I’ve become immune to most election campaign literature and signage. Now, it’s just cute when the candidates tells me, or announces on Facebook, “I might not win the election but I have the best signs.” Ya gotta love that attitude, especially when the candidate is running unopposed. (You know who you are!)

With that said, there is one campaign sign that is a refreshing burst of honesty. It showed up on my EVO a few months ago and I don’t know who actually sent it to me but it is my favorite campaign sign of all time so I must share. This sign is the genius of my boyfriend friend, Ralph Signoracci, who, as part of Cohoes Royalty, and is running for County Legislature to fill the seat of Shawn Morse, who is running for Mayor of Cohoes. (I’m betting 80/20 on that win…same as my County Exec bet!)



I have written about the following before but, with the erasure of County Democratic Legislature Attorney, Jamie Kallner, the Cohoes elections have been on my mind. Interestingly, the entire staff of the Legislative Chair, will have evacuated the offices of the Chairman if Morse. Of course, Randy Konoiwka, should be keeping his position as clerk in addition to his Cohoes Council seat (should he win), Ralphie will most likely not be holding a County Legislative seat AND maintaining right arm to the Chairman (but I won’t rule that out…I’ve seen stranger things in Albany) and the Chairman’s seat is most definitely up for grabs.

My prediction, Mr. Commisso, who continues to hold the reins of the County Legislature, will “anoint” Dave Mayo, (or some like-minded Commisso disciple) to facilitate meetings as he maintains his old school control via hand signals from the floor of the chamber. I speculate, however, with Commisso’s ousting of his top lynch-man, Jamie Kallner, will Commisso continue his tight-fisted hold on Albany County democracy.


Perhaps an agreement is in the making in honor of Commisso Senior’s newest title, “Grampa” Commisso. Word on the street is that Commisso Jr., who, in 2014, joined the ever-popular, Mike Conners in the Controller’s Office. I’m hearing that sometime after the election, the great by weary Mr. Conners will step down and Commisso Jr will inherit the office. Hey, I don’t have a problem with this plan…if it is, indeed, the plan. I just don’t like the Albany way of not ELECTING their representatives.

Another word on the street is that “Mayor” Sheehan doesn’t so much like being Mayor. Seems that “Mayor” Sheehan might like taking over for a certain Senator we call Brez. But, “not so fast,” says Assemblywoman Pat Fahey. Ms. Fahey, believing, just like many Albany Dems, that she has done her time (unlike the “Mayor” Sheehan) believes she is first in line for a future Brez exit. Seems “Mayor” Sheehan is stuck in the corner office until she is able to slip into the much less stressful vacated Assembly seat of Ms. Fahey.

 (Aside, I know an awful lot of folks in the service industry and I’ve heard from many that “Mayor” Sheehan is a most unlikeable patron…many love sharing stories of the unlikeable patron. That said, they all love her photo-bombing and likeable husband.)

And, as the dominoes are tumbling, I speculate that this mid-term shuffle will provide Albany with an unelected “Mayor,” in Carolyn McLaughlin (currently President of the Common Council) and an unelected President of the Common Council, stammering Richard Conti.

Follow the dots folks, you have absolutely no say in the future of Albany….that is, if the word on the street is even close to being true. Move to Cohoes, where you at least get to pull the lever for your future Mayor, Shawn Morse, your most handsome County Legislator and future Chairman of the Legislature, Ralph Signoracci (and his most creative campaign signs) and Randy Koniowka, the proudest citizen and historian of Cohoes you’ll ever meet.



#2 Theresa 2015-08-03 15:58
I've been holding it in for too long. We'll see if I have time to keep up with the silliness.
#1 John Sowek 2015-08-03 14:34
Wow Theresa. No hear from you on Twitter for so long, and you come out dropping bombs. Hope you are back for good.

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