Pride Goeth Before Albany's Fall

The TU recently published an article on the “release” of Michael Klein, Chief of the Albany Parking Authority. The article notes that no reason is given by the APA Board for the forced leave and future termination. This mystery, however, can be easily solved.

I have met Mr. Klein, I have attended parking meetings a-plenty…and he is an impressive guy. Now, I admit I’ve never been obsessed with parking as I have a pedestrian/public transportation obsession and I can’t spread my little mind too far, but Klein is OBSESSED with parking…and not just Albany Parking, he is a nationally recognized authority on parking.

Mr. Klein is the “Go To” guy across the country pertaining to any and all forms of parking. He is THE authority…and if there is one person who knows their shit in the City of Albany, it is Michael Klein. So, why would the City of Albany…and, make no mistake, it is the City of Albany axing this autonomous leader of an authority.

The reasons are clear to me…Klein is NOT a yes man. It became apparent to me that the Albany progs don’t like having a person in the ranks that is “all knowing” in any particular area they intend to play games in.  For instance, during the residential parking farce…call it the Richard Conti private parking committee, Mr. Klein offered expertise advise on all speculative plans offered by the facilitator of the meeting. To the same rolling of the eyes I get from Mr. Conti, my rep, Mr. Klein offered authoritative advise on the practicality of each offering.

Mr. Klein is able to ignore Conti eye-rolling better than I do.

Mr. Klein is not only a nationally respected authority on parking, he has a mind of his own and will be a slave to no mayor or political agenda. Klein speaks his mind and he speaks it unarguably. Guess who doesn’t like this….”Mayor” Sheehan and her patsies.

Albany has suffered a great loss with the dismissal of Michael Klein and we must wonder why…insecurities among the leadership? Inability to control the authority…stupidity on the part of the Administration…I’m going with that last one.

Mr. Klein, I’d be honored to welcome you Monadnock.


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