Democratic Legislative Candidate Casts Misinformed Stones

I read with keen interest the “commentary” from Sean Raleigh in reference to a “commentary” by County Legislator, Charlie Dawson, in reference to the Albany County Charter Reform scheduled to be on the ballot this Fall. My curiosity began in wondering who this commenter is…where did he come from?  I don’t remember seeing him in the committee meetings? (Not that I could find a picture of him online but I was, save the LWV members, alone in my presence at those meetings.)

I take exception to Raleigh’s comment that Mr. Dawson didn’t inform anyone of the “Charter” issues prior to Dawson’s July 14th commentary in the Times Union. Mr. Dawson, has been very critical of this long term situation and many other shams within Albany County Government and Dawson never takes the easy way out. Mr. Dawson, unlike Sean the uninformed commenter, was in attendance and in vocal opposition to the sham from the beginning of the Charter Game which, you can see from my articles below, began in 2012.

In my opinion, a candidate running against Mr. Dawson who wasn’t even aware of a nearly three year old Legislative sleight of hand, should be wearing a dunce cap and sitting in the corner of the Bethlehem Dem Committee Office rather than casting stones at one of the most astute of our Albany County Legislators.

Then again, perhaps I’m just irritated with Candidate Raleigh because he, obviously, is not staying informed through New York Citizen One.

The below are my articles on the three year sham called the Charter Review Commission in reverse chronological ord

 "Stand in Line" County Ledge Dares Litigation

 Judith Wing, of the League of Women Voters, comes to the mic to once again ask the County Legislature respect the Charter Review Commission’s recommendations. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. I should ...

Created on 08 December 2014

R.E.S.P.E.C.T! Except When The County Legislature Itself Is Concerned

... how offended I am by the undignified and appalling behavior of a member of your caucus at last week’s Charter Review committee meeting.  Although I was recognized by the chair to speak, Tim Nichols repeatedly ...

Created on 14 June 2014

Committee Votes To Downsize...Or Not Stay the Same Size.....or, Well, Nevermind

On Wednesday night, and I am at the County Legislative Charter Review Committee meeting. Without my friend, Mr. Carney. (I didn’t say that out loud, did I? With this expected to be the last meeting, ...

Created on 11 June 2014

 Legislature Hosts Public...Then Passes Legislation

... false.   Ann Pope is next up and accuses the legislature’s decision to downsize as an effort to keep the minority the minority and accuses the charter review process to have happened in secret and ...

Created on 10 June 2014

And the Charter Review Show Continues!

Apparently “The Boss” is in town, but I walked through that excited crowd to attend the Legislature’s Charter Review Committee.  (I hear the Majority Leader headed the other way.) The first discussion ...

Created on 13 May 2014

Legislative Charter Review Sham Continues

... was that the Charter Review Committee was posted under the Legislative Meetings lists (released this morning) with no public notice of the committee meeting until that time. It’s posted differently everytime! ...

Created on 04 May 2014

 New County Website: "See Through Albany County"

...  County Budget Charter Review Commission Contract Administration Board (CAB) Elected Officials & Department Heads County Legislature County Legislature Meeting Schedule County Legislature ...

Created on 10 August 2013

 AlbCo Legislature Moves Inch

...  And, we have a pass…with an interesting split of the vote…27 to 9. County Coroner, Charles Smoot is approved. The Charter Review Commission will be glad to hear that the deadline on their project ...

Created on 11 June 2013

 Albany County Charter is MIA...Or Is It?

I missed a meeting!! I apologize to the Albany County Charter Review Commission! But, I’m pleased to announce that several citizens did attend the meeting. I hear that some regular old folks and some from ...

Created on 25 May 2013

 County Charter Has Youth Bureau and Aging Questions

I’m at the County Charter Review Commission meeting and on the agenda for tonight is the Department for the Aging and the Department of Children and Family Services…both have Deputy representation in the ...

Created on 09 May 2013

 Charter Commission Discusses Future

The County’s Charter Review Committee is meeting on Thursday night with five agenda items. The first agenda is a review of the progress and procedures to date, next up is a Report on the Probation Office ...

Created on 25 April 2013

Commission Considers Big Changes in Albany

On Tuesday evening, the Albany County Charter Review Commission met at 112 State Street as they have been meeting since their beginning. If you’ll remember back with me, I was somewhat suspicious that ...

Created on 12 April 2013

 County Residency Law Tabled in Committee

... this isn’t about Danny, this is about transparency,” and he hopes the Charter Review will get rid of the entire CAB. Mendick explains that, if this is about control, this after-the-fact requirement. Mendick ...

Created on 27 February 2013

Meeting II of the AlbCo Charter Review Commission

On Tuesday night, I’m spending time with the Charter Review Commission of Albany County. Tonight, there is one guy poised with a computer and projector at one end of the table and County Attorney, Tom ...

Created on 23 January 2013

Charter Review Commission Gets Busy

Frank Commisso opened the first meeting of the Charter Review Commission with a welcome…and he noted that some had been through this before. (I must figure out who has that experience!) Brad Fisher from ...

Created on 09 January 2013

Charter Review Commission Holds First Meeting

The Albany County Charter Review Commission will be meeting for the first time tonight at 112 State Street. I spoke with Mr. Commisso, the original sponsor of the legislation that made this review commission ...

Created on 09 January 2013

First action on Charter Review

 Albany County Hosts Citizens at Legislative Meeting

... I’ll talk more about later, amends Rez 43 establishing a Charter Review Commission was passed with two negative votes. Resolutions 424 and 425 dealing with County policy regarding the purchase of cell ...

Created on 13 November 2012

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