Wannabee Candidate Fouls

I haven’t received any campaign mailings, that is, of course, unless the trash being mailed out by Dan Egan’s campaign can be considered campaign mailings. Egan’s last mailing merely shocked me as the candidate - former president of our failing Albany School Board – managed to , not only violate my ethical coded, but also butchered the English language along with the names of those Egan boasted as his supporters.

Lesson One in Politics 101 – learn not only to spell your opponent’s name properly (DAN), but also the names of those politicians you claim as supporters. I burned that the Egan letter as a sacrifice to the Albany Education Gods.

Then, just when I had gotten beyond my urge to kick Dan Egan’s ass for “leadership illiteracy,” another Egan mailing arrived at my door. This one was double wide, glossy, multi-colored and, in my opinion, libelous. I wondered of the lily-white Egan pedestal who could have offered this strategy. Heck, Dan McCoy can just sit back and watch Egan make an ass of himself.

Let me tell you what the word on the street is – Dan Egan’s purse is open wide. He’s buying votes – off the books. Egan is bringing back the $5 vote in a big – but different way. Ya see, he’s buying his way into the “hearts” of those that can be bought. (Yeah, you know who you are – and I’ll be following the money trail!)

The most interesting aspect of Egan’s novice campaign is how early this libelous bit of propaganda hit my mailbox. Seems Egan may be polling right along with the McCoy folks and knows it’s an 80/20 split….at best. Or perhaps, as a virgin campaigner, he feels the need to christen himself in Albany political filth.....don’t worry Mr. Egan, the state of Albany’s Schools is legacy enough without your burnt offering.

I wondered, with the state of the Cohoes mayoral race on my mind, who is monitoring the fairness of campaigns in 2015…this led me to the Capital District League of Women Voters website. I was astonished at the press release posted to this benevolent group’s homepage.

The League of Women Voters gave up on the Capital District.

From their press release….”they no longer believe that they can be effective in carrying out the organization's original purpose which was to improve the tenor of political campaigns in the four counties.” The LWV noted that the Fair Campaign Practices for the Capital Region would continue on with their good work. So, I googled Fair Campaign Practices for the Capital Region….they haven’t posted anything since 2014 and then there were only 2 posts for the entire year. (Heck, in my “retirement,” I’ve posted more than that!!)

Apparently, Dan Egan, and the rest of the progs got the memo….there is no one to point the finger of shame at their antics….or perhaps, they were integral in shuttering any ethical oversight in their path.

Looks like I’m now in charge of calling fouls in the Capital District elections…watch out Albany!

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    I miss you also I miss the great times we had at the CC. Your blog on the trash was right on target.
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