For Cohoes: A Man of Substance

As the self appointed overseer of “fair campaigns” after the League of Women Voters tossed their hands in the air over Albany Politics, I am calling foul on the media and Dianne Nolin’s campaign for Mayor of Cohoes.

First off, I went to the TU online and searched Dianne Nolin (congratulate me, I spelled her name correctly!) + 2015. It appears that all the articles are rather non-descript accusations rather than factual articles regarding her accomplishments and her ability to lead.

Second, I searched on Shawn Morse on the TU…and found Nolin’s sniping articles and ancient articles on Morse’s, often criticized (by me!!) actions. Oddly, there wasn’t a whole lot of information on the follow through of Morse’s critical leadership decisions.

Perhaps that is because of some lackluster coverage of the County Legislature prior to Jordan Carleo-Evangelist’s arrival in the chamber. I understand, I have a slight black hole of knowledge from my last year in retirement…but I’m not the institution established to maintain legislative history and insights…it must be hard not being able to rely on your own reporting.

So, anyway, in my efforts to bring fairness to campaigning…I will provide my honest insights into each of the Albany County races…the first is the Cohoes Mayoral race. I have first hand knowledge of Mr. Morse’s accomplishments and will provide a series in detail. Since I don’t attend the Cohoes Council meetings…or shop at Marra’s Pharmacy, I am sure Ms. Nolin will provide me some official record of her landmarks in fiduciary responsibility.

Exhibit One

In Shawn Morse’s first year as Chairman of the Audit and Finance Committee for the Albany County Legislature (2011), he was given a budget that called for a 21% tax increase, 450 layoffs, closure of the Nursing Home and deep cuts in many other departments.  (I was thrilled….Morse was shocked.)

Morse claimed victory by delivering only 9% of the executive proposed 21% increase, he kept all of the workers at the nursing home and managed to halt the practice of shipping seniors out of this state to other nursing homes. Morse found an 18 million dollar hole that required the County to borrow money every year to stay afloat.

By the end of 2011, Team Morse put together a comprehensive plan to take a county that was in financial ruins and, in four years, boasted a ZERO tax increase. (Yeah, click on that link!)  In addition, under Morse leadership, the county was able to cut the nursing home budget by $8 million while maintaining the quality of service expected by Albany County residents.

I look forward to hearing from Ms. Nolin regarding her similar budgetary accomplishments but, based on her established  political strategies, I predict she will instead criticize Morse for raising the taxes by 8% rather than acknowledging the truth...Morse cut the proposed executive budget by 13%.  

Stay tuned for Exhibit Two for Morse…but don’t hold your breath if you’re hoping to hear anything of budgetary substance from the Nolin Campaign….or should I say *wink, wink” the McDonald grudge match.  


#1 timothy thibodeau 2015-08-26 22:47
While Diane Nolin was common council president, it is little known that the City stripped away Calvary grace church's tax exemption, bilking the church out of $26,000 in property taxes, then in 2013, the Albany County Supreme Court ruled the church did in deed meet the criteria as determined by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non profit religeous organization and ruled the church was tax exempt. Despite this ruling, Cohoes once again taxed the church in 2014, because it did not file form RP-420a, despite many other churches also not filing and they continued to be exempt. Diane Nolin is chair of the tax and assessment committee and has taken no interest to right these wrongs. The church was granted tax exemption in 2015 by filing the forms with the help of
Important to note, John McDonald pushed through a bill to give relief to the First Babtist church in troy, which did not file form RP-420 as well, but so far, has done little to help the Cohoes church.

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