Fouls Continue for Least "Progressive" Candidate

It appears that Dan Egan, wannabee candidate for County Exec, is a creature of habit…and, in this case, that’s not an admirable trait. Just when I finished criticizing Egan’s disregard for ethical campaigning (click here!!) I arrived home to find his further assault against political decency.

 Dan Egan seems to have torn a page out of “Judge” HHR’s ethically challenging playbook.

With the latest mailing, Egan warns Albany County voters that Dan McCoy”doesn’t stand up for them.” With this libelous remark, Egan goes on to cite his own tirade he seems to believe was legitimized by the Times Union…essentially…Egan cites himself as a factual source. Ya might as well site this as an Egan editorial!

While I love Lauren Stanworth’s writing, I must say, a peek at the expenditures of the Egan campaign might lend a more fairly structured article. While screaming about the normal practice of being supported financially by those who believe in a candidate…Egan seems free to spend his not- too shabby war chest without criticism.

Well, if it weren’t for me.

Check this out…I love Walmart…I love it because I boycotted it for 10 years and then returned to find the love of my discount life. I love Walmart in the early mornings…before the Walmart regs have even thought about getting out of bed. That may also be the reason I don’t run into any super liberals…they must shop for their non-union office supplies in the afternoon. (The libbers are not known for their early hours either!)

If you’ll click here, you’ll see that the Egan Campaign has a love of food, particularly Dunkin Donuts and Pepper Jacks…and they also shop at the anti-union shop…Walmart. I didn’t see any anti-union purchases in McCoy’s expenditure…quite the contrary.

I watched last night as one in Team Egan spoke in disgust of the some of the Albany Common Council member’s refusals to support the Police Union and their dispatchers…and all I could think about is Team Egan’s not walking their talk.

All in all, I guess Team Egan is mostly telling the Albany voters to believe what they tell them…not what is true. (I see why LWV gave up!! I’m tired!!) Ya see, as former president of the School Board, Egan knows just how dumb his population really is…he’s got the inside…he directed the dumb down, and he’s taking advantage of the dumb down.

Hey, everyone come out and vote for Dan McCoy in the primary…as the only man who walks his talk for County Executive.




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