A Vote for Egan is a Vote For Your Future

On Wednesday night, I ducked into the Unitarian Church for the Albany County executive forum or “meet the candidates” night. I must first say that I’ve had another hectic week so getting to the “let’s just call it a debate…took quite an effort but, damn, ( am sure glad I made the effort.

Having watched the transformation towards a more functional and transparent County government…and watching it continue to evolve, my mind had been made up. The current County Executive, Dan McCoy, has delivered on all his promises…and more. But then, delivering on promises is not as exciting and reneging on them…from my perspective…honestly, I may have become a little bored with the good coming out of the Executive’s office.

I may not have always agreed with McCoy’s crazy progressive ideas (read that: bomb train) bu5t I have to admit this Executive has put his money where his mouth was…he has been a leader and he had my vote.

I was sold, McCoy was my guy but then I listened to Dan Egan – and I have a new blog hero!! As you know, I truly enjoy a dirty campaign. I basked in the glory of Paladino and still fantasize about being part of the Stone/Caputo/Paladino dirty trickster team. Now, I’m not fond of Team Cuomo so it didn’t take a lot to push me aboard the Paladino Love Boat…but I do love me some McCoy.

On Wednesday, my eyes were opened to the next four years filled with political entertainment. While I had been mildly entertained by the Egan mailers which were unusually sleezy and greeted me at my front door 3 out of 5 workdays, it took this forum to be the nudge I needed to jump full force into the Egan campaign.


For an hour and a half, my jaw literally dropped with each ill-informed opinion or sleezy comment spilling from the mouth of my new-found political love, Egan…my heart pounded. While I clearly recognized the voice of disgruntled ex-Commissioner of Aging, Judy Coyne (whose entire family seems to be on Egan’s payroll), guiding Egan’s slanderous views on Albany County’s treatment of Seniors, the sneer was his own.

During the debate, Egan once again proved his ignorance by claiming that business is leaving Albany because (he insinuated not so subtly) that they hadn’t paid off Dan McCoy! I gasped with the thrill of the dirty debating, Hey, McCoy would be wearing a much nicer suite if he were getting kickbacks with all the new projects happening in Albany County!

Egan grinned his evil Paladino smile as he pointed to McCoy as being responsible for the deaths of 39 of our Seniors – because, I assume, McCoy didn’t send over someone to assist the Senior in folding their laundry. Yup, that’s right! The newest cause of death – according to the logic of Egan (Coyne) is unfolded clothes. I love this guy!. I laughed aloud only to suffer the glare down from some of my fellow Egan supporters.

Oh, come on girls, don’t be haters. I need this entertainment.

I listened eagerly as my new candidate stumbled all over himself as  I anticipated the thrill of watching County Executive Egan go toe-to-tow with the Albany County Legislature. I can see it now…Commisso/Egan negotiations. So, the seat of County Government will be relocated out in Albany’s 15 ward…oh the anticipation is killing me.

Throughout the forum, McCoy bored me with all the information I’ve been, as an informed citizen, following for years. He reminisced about the budget process and redistricting…two of my favorite marathon meetings. Then, Egan won my heart again when he winked about those super secret processes. I could understand the Egan “super secret” adjective as, like any citizen ostrich, he wasn’t at the meeting because he never pulled his head out long enough to attend the meetings. (Sorry, my tolerance for my evil candidates is limited when I’ve attended the meetings he claims are secret…my butt can tell you differently.)

So, I was sold…think of four years with Egan at Albany’s helm…what fun!!

On my way home, I stole a whole bunch of Egan’s lawn signs while ripping up all of McCoys. I distributed the Egan signs on Center Square’s little patches of green, saving two for my little patch. Next, I logged onto my computer and googled “work for Dan Egan” – I hunted for my resume (which is on the way to campaign HQ) and I’m sending all of my friends his way.

Albany County needs Dan Egan – not only for my entertainment – but so he can work the same magic that he worked as President of the Albany School Board.

Vote early and Vote Often!!

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