Mayor Primeau Speaks His Mind

The following post is from Cohoes Mayor George Primeau. And should make everyone a bit nervous about one of the Mayoral Candidate’s social behavior and motivations. Here’s an open statement from Mayor Primeau to Candidate Nolin….pay very close attention readers:

 With the recent events of the Mayoral debate, I think it is about time that I set the record straight once and for all! I NEVER do this and it may be lengthy but well worth the read if you are interested in making the right choice for the future of this City.

This is NOT about Shawn Morse but about Dianne Nolin coming after me earlier this year as she thought she would be running against me in the Mayor's seat. However as I am sure most of you know and as she knew being my pharmacist, I am battling a disease every day that has prevented me from furthering my career as Mayor. She has done everything in her power to stop progress with this administration so she can gain ground for her own political aspirations which is appalling. Her recent attack on me as not being a Full-time Mayor and that this City is in need of dire leadership just goes to show how inaccurate, deceitful and uncompassionate this person truly is. I may receive 1-2 chemo treatments a week but there is not one person that can say that it has slowed me down one bit especially as my role as Mayor. I continue and will continue to serve the Cohoes community everyday 24/7 to the best of my ability throughout the remainder of my term.

Let's discuss the real deception here- she puts out a mailer/press release in regards to needing a full-time Mayor's position, however when the question arises at the debate she states that she "plans" on being a full- time Mayor for at least the first 6 months and then will re-evaluate the position so she can still go to the pharmacy 1-2 days a week to maintain her pharmaceutical license. Well if that isn't misleading the people that you are looking to represent than I don't what is. But at the least the truth came out prior to election day.


Let's also get to the real background of her deceitful ways- here is a person that was supposed to be a "friend" and I use that term wholeheartedly but decided betrayal over a $60,000 a year position was more valuable than a friendship at best. Was told I never listened but let’s get one thing clear, as Mayor you listen 24/7 to the people- whether they are colleagues, constituents, family and friends but at the end of the day you have to make decisions that you feel are crucial and best for the day to day operations of an entire city. With that being said she has never once came to me with any constructive ideas to give any belief behind the statement that I never listened and claims that is why she felt the need to step in and run for the position and also making reference of the last three years as going downhill.


 Well Mrs. Nolin let's first start with you were part (or at least I thought you were) of the administration during the last three years while you profess the dire need for improvement. Let's be real here- as I and many other Council members know that we should be proud of the accomplishments we did together over the years and as I always compliment the TEAM that I work with day in and day out. The challenges and accomplishments we faced and overcame together should be something to be proud of and not ashamed of UNLESS you had no clue of what was going on which seems to be the reality as I see what campaign material you produce to the people.


The negative campaigning on your behalf is proof of your inability to show what true and genuine leadership is supposed to portray and I hope the citizens recognize this every time you open your mouth that is full of lies and deception. Those that know the needs of this city know that what minimal ideas you have brought to the table thus far is nothing but "smoke in mirrors."


You have had 8 years to showcase what you could have done for this city and you have proved otherwise. YOU ARE A POLITICAL CHOICE BY ONE INDIVIDUAL AND I HOPE PEOPLE RECOGNIZE THAT. I will end it with this, newsflash- I am not running against this individual (no matter how many postcards and mailers come out with the personal attacks on me) although I wanted nothing more than to serve the community that I love for at least another 4 years. Believe me- I would have looked forward to my own debate with you but can proudly say that Shawn M. Morse did a superb job on his own and could not have demonstrated any more professionalism and courtesy even while taking your low class jabs especially knowing that he had no chance for a rebuttal after your personal strikes. I feel that the truth needs to be told and this is only the beginning. I encourage anyone with any questions or concerns to please contact me at any given time even in the evenings (237-8486) and will present the truth as I have always done.






#2 Kenneth Comfort 2015-09-23 21:35
George, the world's foremost cancer hospital, the MD Anderson Cancer Research Center of the University of Texas here in Houston where I now live in a suburb called Porter is CURING me of lung cancer.m. They have furnished apartments in a gated community for patients and their families. Call me for more info, or just to talk. You used to work on my and my significant other Becky's cars and my late mom and dad's too. I still have a 518 area code on my iPhone.
#1 Kathleen Maloney 2015-09-08 17:57
I give Mayor Primeau alot of credit for continuing to work during his illness and the treatment-both can be debilitating. Hetook the oath of Mayor seriously & does all he can to fulfill that oath. We should be proud of him instead of attacking him-especially those educated in the medical aspects of his illness!
HMMMMM-I wonder where she gets her advice????

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