Cohoes: A Vote for Pride

Yeah, I was a bit under the weather over the weekend…still suffering with that URI but I’m getting there. My holiday was clean a little, rest a lot and drink a beer…then rest more. So, I’ve got a bit of catching up to do.

First up, I was a little bummed when I saw a Facebook post from Randy Koniokwa, Candidate for Cohoes Common Council, Sixth Ward.

I would like to call Randy a friend, but I can’t. I can’t officially call Mr. Koniokwa a friend because is in a class above me and in a class way above local politics. Koniokwa is the first of the local politicians that I’ve admired solely for his passion about his City. While rubbing elbows is a necessary evil in the political realm, Koniokwa always took the high road even in casual chitter chatter unbecoming this “lady.”

Of course, you know I like to antagonize people and poor old Randy, well, he is easy to antagonize. I always knew that if I bashed his most beloved Cohoes, his face would turn red with rage. He’d tell me about all the great things about Cohoes, as I’d say things like “well, I’d love to see those falls but the potholes flattened my tires.” (He didn’t ever laugh.)

At the beginning of his campaign, Randy held his head high as he told me about the “gentleman’s” agreement between him and his opponents to stay out of the political muck throughout the campaign. I smiled and knew that, if anyone could maintain a clean campaign, it would be Koniokwa.

I don’t even know what happened to cause Koniokwa to post his disappointment with a breach of “gentlemanly” conduct on Facebook….Koniokwa is too much of a gentleman to stoop to the level of an opponent. While an association with this blog is the last thing that Koniokwa needs, I must tell you, my dear readers, this man has more pride in Cohoes than a whole pile of local politicians and you’d be lucky to have him representing the City.

Randy loves the City of Cohoes, he has written a book about the local legends…interestingly called “Local Legends of Cohoes.” He takes pride in his family history in the spindle city and will represent his constituents with every ounce of his being.

I’m saddened that this very good man has been exposed to something that rocked his belief that politics don’t have to be dirty…but there you have it. Vote for the best man in Cohoes 6th Ward….because you know that you will be represented with pride....and that he has the good sense not to be a fan of this blog.

6th Ward Polling Places:

3 Ukrainian-American Citizens Club - 1 Pulaski Ave.

4 Van Schaick School – 150 Continental 

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