Daddy, Buy Me An Election!!

I plan on doing a collage of all the negative campaign materials I’ve collected from Dan Egan, candidate for County Executive. I’ve not seen anything like it in all my born days! I, like Team McCoy, pondered how the ill-informed candidate was paying for his manufactured campaign of negativity. 

My best guess, and I still believe I’m correct, his Daddy, the venerable, John Egan, ultimately carrying the financial burden of the campaign. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve had a fascination with John Egan since I moved to Albany…I love an intelligent, well polished man….and John Egan broke that mold. I remember being so confused when I moved to this town, and worked in nonprofit, I was puzzled…what doesn’t this John Egan do…he has more jobs than “Three-job Mirch!!”  I saw his name everywhere….Commish of OGS…President of Renaissance Corporation of Albany,  His name was attached to the New York State Dormitory Authority the New York State Department of Transportation and the Albany International Airport. Heck, even when the prison escapees made the news, Egan the elder, was the go to guy as a former warden of Dannamora. And to top it off…he was a Judge in his spare time.


It didn’t take me long to learn that Judge Egan was actually the handsomer and, much more entertaining of John Egan’s sons but that still makes John Egan (the elder) an overwhelmingly productive element of Albany Society. I was most impressed with the man…but marveled at how far this Dan Egan fell from the Egan tree of wisdom. I attended several School Board meetings only to question the relationship…I pondered Dan Egan’s eyebrows as not aligned with the John Egan (elder/younger) features as well as the intellect…also not aligned with the Egan intellect.


What was up with that…I mean, besides not brandishing the distinguishing looks, Dan Egan holds none of the desirable attributes of the two John Egans…he pummeled the gentlemanly family name by aiming below the political belt with falsehoods…and, while Egan was practicing the unethical behavior the John Egans would be appalled at…he was doing it with a smile on his face. (Oh, how I’d love to wipe that smile off his face…soon enough Egan the little.) I must figure that Egan has tired of sleeping at the state job desk and woke up one morning to decide he wanted to be County Executive…no experience necessary…just a Daddy with lots of money and clout.


Sometimes, a Dad just doesn’t know what to do with that “other son.”

While the TU reported on the “self-financed” campaign Egan is running (as well as the falsehoods of his claims in his lit!),  I noticed WHO that “financing” went to. Of course, as I’ve mentioned before…the disgruntled ex-County Commissioner of Aging, Judy Coyne, and her family are on the payroll but what I’m hearing is that Albany Counilman, Judd Krasher, has taken over the reins from Josh Hyman as Campaign Manager…and the expenditures also seem to indicate that. I’m proud of Josh for leaving the campaign and I’d like to think it is for the ethically challenged practices of Dan Egan. As for Judd taking over the campaign…it explains a lot.

For example, I got an urgent call on Saturday morning…that call was from an Albany Common Council member who had heard from the big guy…County Executive, Dan McCoy. Ron Bailey, wants Dan McCoy, me and everyone else in Albany know that, contrary to Dan Egan’s latest mailing, Bailey is not “endorsing” Egan for County Executive. (See the “Official Endorsement list and compare it to the lit.)


Seems that Dan Egan may have mixed up the two Rons. Ron Scott, Albany Housing Authority cockblock, is supporting Egan because…as he says, his bank is open.(Please see Scott’s Facebook post about Egan providing sponsorship for his Labor Day Party.) Ron Bailey is not supporting Dan Egan…. I mean, that would be political suicide in Albany County!! 


So, there ya have it. My ponderings about the Egan bloodline, the origins and motivation to create such a negative campaign….and some insights into how one Councilman adamantly claims that his endorsement on the recent mailing is just one additional lie to the Dan Egan campaign.


See ya at the polls!




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