The Best Candidate for Albany's LD3

I remember looking into the forlorn faces of some of our elected officials when they realized that Wicked Wanda Willingham (WWW) had snuck under the radar to win the Democratic primary in the Albany County's 3rd Legislative District. I laughed…perhaps my assistance should have been requested.

If you don’t know WWW, just type her name in that search box right up there. I’ll wait…now, type in her name W-I-C-K-E-D…and read all about her. You will learn about her slight-of-hand campaign exchange scams with her Twisted Sister, President of the Common Council and Chair of the Albany Dems, Carolyn McLaughlin…you’ll learn about her family’s welfare fraud while she as the chair of the “Welfare” Committee…and all the other little criminal and ethical blemishes belonging to this Dem Candidate.

I’m here to tell you there is hope for the 3rd Legislative District.

Roberta Simms, a true community activist…not just one who shows up when the cameras show up, is on the ballot.

If you don’t know Roberta, you are one of the few folks in Albany that don’t know her. She is everywhere…everywhere there is a need. Ms. Simms is acknowledged by several Fund Development Offices as the hardest working volunteer for their cause. When Ms. Sims unsuccessfully ran for a position on the Albany Public Library Board, she became their advocate for every single budget.

Ms. Sims goes to Council meetings….a place I’ve never seen WWW. She asks the hard questions, the questions that her constituents ask…”how to qualify to live in those lovely new Philip Livingston School apartments.” Roberta, known as “Burda,” is a force to be reckoned with in West Hill. Unlike the other candidate (WWW), who lives more in Loudonville than West Hill, Burda keeps an active eye on her realm she doesn’t monitor from Loudonville. Burda rides the bus just like her constituents….she is part of the community she is working to represent.

Burda will restore dignity to the office and I truly believe she will fulfill campaign pledge, “When Others Are Looking Out for Themselves….Roberta is Looking Out for You.”  Click here to check her out on Facebook….it’s time to elect someone who is a true representative of her community.

From her Palmcard:

Roberta Sims is ready to fight for us as our County Legislator. She will make sure our neighborhoods are not forgotten or overlooked by those in power.

With years of service to our community, we can trust Roberta Sims to be our ‘round the clock representative!

Ensure access to needed county services and support for people of the District

Provide funding for job training and employment  opportunities for residents

Protect funding for Meals on Wheels and senior services our seniors need and deserve

Organize neighborhood meetings to update residents

and bring county government closer to the people

Support fair redistricting in our communities. Unfair redistricting plans have shortchanged minority communities, and cost $7 million in legal fees, which could be used for neighborhood revitalization

Always be an advocate for the people, and a voice for positive change

Roberta Sims: Working in our Community

Member of the Sheridan Hollow Neighborhood

Association and the Arbor Hill Neighborhood

Association; Board Member at Bishop Maginn High School 2009-2011

Former Director of Gift Ministries Summer Day Camp

Experience working at the State Assembly

Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Economics from Empire State College

And for those of you are more visual….who would you rather see representing you….this



Or Wicked Wanda Willingham….this




#1 Westender 2015-10-13 11:22
Burda should win if the election is above board. But will it? Need poll watchers at polling sites as soon as they open. These poll watchers for Burda must have the fortitude to stand up to the other side. And hopefully her win carries over to remove the fifth Ward councilman who really lives in the burbs of Troy.

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