The Party that Died

A few weeks ago, the Albany Dems held the traditional Primary night party…and nobody came.

My report out from the party is that Chaiman McLaughlin continues her party planning tradition with the belief that “IT” all happens by magic. My sources tell me that a max of 30 attendees showed up at the Polish Community Center for the celebration.

Unfortunately, McLaughlin ONLY rented the room and nothing else. There was no keg ordered….which turned out to be good because neither was there staff to tend the keg.

There was no big screen to watch the returns nor, I hear, was there any food. My source – just as interested in free beer as myself, tells me that she bought her own. I’m also told that the husband of a judicial candidate conferred with the Chairman to purchase pitchers since the usual free beer and bartender were not ordered in advance.

Ms. McLaughlin, I’m also told, generously allowed him to pay for it as well as order it. Then, my source laughed with this one, McLaughlin was not willing to pay the bill for the room and the last minute scramble when it was presented her. I’m unsure what to make of this decline in Albany Democratic but I have some ideas.

There are a few reasons for the lack of Democratic adhesiveness in Albany and a major one is Ms. McLaughlin (And we can’t forget her sister, Wicked Wanda Willingham – WWW). Ms. McLaughlin, I’m told by the “old-time party die-hards,” has not only relocated the HQ, she also redecorated the nearly bankrupt party HQ.

Interestingly, when I checked the AlbanyDem website, there was absolutely no info about the primary party only the promise of information in the future of that site. And, get this, it was delivered…if you followed that link, you will see that info has indeed been updated but mostly with glamour shots of Ms. McLaughlin and WWW (the Twisted Sisters.)

Here’s the glamour-shopped shot….I guess that’s so ya don’t recognize the Chairman on the street.

While I wasn’t able to find information on the primary night party, and I certainly did not receive an invitation, I didn’t have to go beyond my inbox/facebook to figure out where all the fun was happening….look no further than Martel’s (home of the best iced tea in Albany…and yes, I did the research myself). I, for one, have abandoned the party…a party I’ve been enrolled in since 1977.

You can keep your party Twisted Sisters, and be sure that new office has plenty of mirrors – you’re going to need all the friends you can get.



#2 didactic 2015-10-28 11:23
checked the *new* albany dem's website to verify my polling place - on that page, the link for "sample ballot" shows a ballot for last year's election.

ooooooooooo, i can hardly wait to vote for kim jong cuomo again!!
#1 ronan lynch 2015-10-23 18:31
She is just doing what's required to keep the party matching the city. It's a time honored tradition.

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