Judicial Campaign...Reaches New Low

Ya know, I haven’t liked Christine Ryba, candidate for Supreme Court, from the beginning. Ask me why….I knew you would. I haven’t seen a candidate as unqualified and void of ethics since the once beautiful Helena Heath Roland. (Do a search in that box on the right top if you need details on my insights on HHR) Because of her completely unethical personal and “professional” behavior in reference to her own qualifications vs. that of her opponent, I have decided to weigh in on this race.

This is the first of my blogs on this topic, and I apologize to the supporters of this candidate who are friends of mine….but I can’t hold my tongue. While I have been following this judicial race, from afar, I must say that the behavior of one candidate is completely unworthy of a robe….in any court.  I am in receipt of a letter, eerily similar to information I received when HHR was running. This letter was sent to the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct and, I’m betting, Ryba’s supporters will work their judicial magic to ensure this information is not made public until after the election….too late to make the right decision at the voting booth.

Below is the letter which was received by one of my lawyer friends. (I wonder why I wasn’t listed on the CC??)










If this letter has been received by Talk1300, the NYSCJC, the Times Union I feel that those entities are morally obligated to investigate the claims and, if accurate, publish the issues in time for the general election. Also been informed, among other things, Ms. Ryba, has been “disciplined” for misrepresenting herself on Facebook in her candidacy….JUDGE for yourself….below is the first Facebook ad, and the second is the post-disciplinary Facebook ad.

That seems a bit misleading, huh?










I have more to come but I had to put this most-irritating letter out there….and I don’t think I’ll be making any friends on either side of this race….but for this moment, I’m going with the only candidate who has run an ethical campaign…Norman Massry…and, in my mind, ethics is a pretty important characteristic for a Judge….even a traffic court Judge.



#4 AAG 2015-11-01 06:39
Ryba did virtually nothing when she worked for the AG. She never first-chaired a single trial, wasn't trusted to handle significant cases, and screwed up many of the cases she handled. Her Bureau Chief didn't regard her as a "heavy hitter," and most of her colleagues thought far less than that of :-* her legal acumen.
#3 ClerkClock 2015-10-26 10:01
Christina Ryba should not be a judge. She clearly tried to mislead people. I think Judge Massry will be a good judge. If this is how Ryba is running her election I can only imagine what she will be like on the bench.
#2 CitizenOne 2015-10-26 09:33
Yes, indeed, I did support Kate Doyle and I still support her. She is one of the finest people I've known in Albany.
#1 Pot.Kettle.Black 2015-10-25 23:34
"Ethics is a pretty important characteristic for a judge"? Aren't you the one who supported Kate Doyle in 2010? How'd that work out? :D

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