Judge “Peters” Principle Inflates Candidate’s Judicial Cred

More on Ms. Ryba:

As you know, I have “intimate” knowledge of codes court…which, interestingly, seems to be the wealth of “trial experience” Supreme Court candidate Christina Ryba boasts. I hear from those who know her that in November 2002, “Christina was going nowhere in the Corporation Counsel's office. She was not a good lawyer,” they say. But ambition she had. When she challenged the then Corp Counsel (now City Court Judge) Gary Stiglmeier, I’m told,”Stiglemeier stuck to his guns and declined to promote her. She went to Mayor Jennings and threatened a civil rights case – claiming that Stiglmeier was a racist. (Yeah, I got a giggle out of that one!!) The source continues with the explanation of how Ryba made it to ACDA (the same building that I worked in at the time!)  “It was such a toxic situation that the Mayor moved her to the Albany Community Development Agency.”

[From those at the ACDA at the time, she was cute…and that’s it...but what a dummy. Chuckle]


Now, I don’t know how familiar you might be with codes court but “trial experience” is not something I would claim fame for…in codes court, The corp counsel is more along the lines of an easel, reading the docket to the judge. (I apologize to all the real corp counsel but, ya gotta admit, that pretty much sums it up.) So, it appears that, even though Ryba was booted “upstairs”  she doesn’t have a single case on file with nycourts.com….I wonder if that claim as a “experienced trial lawyer” might be inaccurate.

More from inside the courthouse doors… “She was picked to work with Karen Peters as ‘special counsel’ and everyone HATED her there, but the PJ loved her and was working behind the scenes to get her on the bench.” [CitizenOne aside – I have a bit of an issue with the inclusion of “everyone HATED her” as that’s pretty much what folks say about me…but there you have it.] The court folks go on with “Then after she [Ryba] lied about what she actually did during her interview with Law Committee, Peters demoted her. After the letter about IJQEC and the Facebook ads, everyone on the court thought that she should be fired.” And, here’s the surprise, speculators indicate that the PJ “is predicted to fire her on the 5th of November as she does not want to do anything until after the election!”

Hmmm…well that’s some pretty gossipy gossip, huh?

Well, I guess the only way to determine the validity of these states is to wait and see if PJ Peters has the balls to rid her realm of a black woman.

(Wait for it.)

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