I'm Back....Psych!!


Happy Super Tuesday!! I like the results!


As most of you know, I’m writing from Dallas, Texas where life is good and I’m enjoying double dose of Spring….but I can’t forget my friends back in Albany.


For those who don’t know, I vacated Albany on Election Day (November 4th). My decision was well-planned and not dependent on the result of any election…not that I was pleased with the results, but I’m not one to take my ball and go home if things don’t go my way.


I enjoyed my time in Albany but I enjoy Albany even more in the rearview mirror. I missed my first State of the City and State of the County in many years but in reviewing, they were nothing unexpected. In Dallas, I’m delighted by my lack of involvement, (I can sleep at night!!)…there are plenty of journalists here covering most of the news but there are still some gaps for me to fill with some very entertaining gadflies inhabiting Dallas City Hall.


Still, I hope to do some writing on certain topics of discussion in Albany, those topics include, Mr. Conti’s trash bill’s potential repeal, the CDTA bus girl’s drama, the loss of Green Tech on Tuesday night (that was for Mr. Bailey), and how Albany looks from the warmer parts of the world.


So, while Albanians continue to study how to make Albany relevant, let me share with you a few interesting observations about my move “home”…


  • The U-haul truck I rented to drive to Dallas cost me over $2500 for a week, in Dallas, it was $40 a day. (I know, cause I returned it an hour late by mistake.)

  • The gas in Dallas is under $1.50 a gallon and, still, the transit system is something to marvel at….CDTA should take a look at this most innovative system.

  • In Dallas, the libraries aren’t filled with homeless and drunks…they are very strictly maintained in silence…yes, even in the “not so nice” areas.

  • Jobs, the employee is in the driver’s seat in Dallas. Every establishment has signs screaming “now hiring!!” They are aggressively hiring and offering “work at home” options just to get people in seats.

  • The food in Dallas it the best!!! I love me some barbeque and, while I make some pretty darn good smoked meats at home, I love spending time finding the absolute best BBQ in North Texas.

  • Veggies….I can’t wait until the two seasons of tomatoes start coming off the vine and the Freestone peaches overflow in the Dallas Farmer’s Market!! I might even start eating healthy.


Still, there is a downside to living in Dallas,


  • When the Cowboys lose a game, the entire city loses a game.

  • The sun and heat can be merciless…I might be as tan and “the Mayor” by June

  • There are so many things to do, I find I have no time to hibernate with the Lifetime Network.

  • I miss my friends in Albany….you know who you are (Vince!!)


Stay tuned, I have some scores to settle…and I hope to find the time to do it.



#2 Patrice Lockart 2016-03-03 13:03
Two seasons of tomatoes! Love it! Miss you !
#1 Vincent Rigosu 2016-03-03 00:08
I miss you also I miss the great times we had at the CC. Your blog on the trash was right on target. I was at the meeting the hole time. I did not see Jordan he must if been in the closet. You are correct Conti was not at the meeting.Judy left early she did not hear all the speakers. She is like a bobble head it goes up and down. Always a yes for the mayor. The short time that you are gone the city has really gone down hill to the point of asking Jerry to come back.

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  • I'm Back....Psych!!

    Patrice Lockart 03.03.2016 13:03
    Two seasons of tomatoes! Love it! Miss you !
  • I'm Back....Psych!!

    Vincent Rigosu 03.03.2016 00:08
    I miss you also I miss the great times we had at the CC. Your blog on the trash was right on target.
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