Comptroller Leads Citizen Charge


Thank goodness I relocated to Dallas just in time to avoid the Albany School vote. You know I’d be attending a meeting or two of those very long and very boring school board meetings. But, that’s what I keep Comptroller Conners around…to do battle when I’m afar.


I voted in Albany for several years and realized that hashtags like “#albanyvote, were the best way to alert everyone of voting irregularities in real time….for immediate resolution. I guess my innovative ways exited Albany with me…in steps Mike Conners.


I’ve been watching this mess develop. I wasn’t surprised at all to learn that the bond was approved because, of course, that’s Albany. I will never forget the first time I realized that if New Yorkers don’t like the way a vote went down (in any situation) they called do-overs. After new High School plan was voted down, the board just “tweeked” the plan and put it out for another vote…a vote that couldn’t fail.


Amazingly, these people who are tasked with providing Albany children the best education possible rigged the election to get their way. Yes, I said rigged and the entirety of that school board supporting the ethically challenged vote should resign…do the citizens really want these characters educating their youth?


I mean, come on, there were 12,000 votes in the original….then they down-tweeked it and ordered ONLY 5300…ya know, cause the huge turnout in October would indicate that people would forget about the battle and stay home. Right, get rid of the bums!


To complicate the matter more, voting machines went in the wrong directions, polling places didn’t open up in time and, besides not having ballots for 2600 people….the lines were long and frustrations led to a bypass of civic responsibility. For many of the hardest working folks, the day starts at 7:30 or 8AM and, with getting to the polling place can’t be delayed. If those folks are anything like me, they aren’t going to want to come back and stand in a long line after they’ve worked all day….especially where there are no ballots.


I tell ya folks, I don’t miss it at all but I have been hearing from people that Albany has gotten even worse since I moved. Citizens have told me that they don’t know who or what to vote for because they don’t have the backstory….the corrupt behavior of those in power now comes as a surprise to the citizens rather than an “I told ya so” moment from ACO. Stay involved, and pay attention…and remember, when things like this Albany vote happens….watch that other hand.


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    Two seasons of tomatoes! Love it! Miss you !
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    Vincent Rigosu 03.03.2016 00:08
    I miss you also I miss the great times we had at the CC. Your blog on the trash was right on target.
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