Judicial Campaign...Reaches New Low

Ya know, I haven’t liked Christine Ryba, candidate for Supreme Court, from the beginning. Ask me why….I knew you would. I haven’t seen a candidate as unqualified and void of ethics since the once beautiful Helena Heath Roland. (Do a search in that box on the right top if you need details on my insights on HHR) Because of her completely unethical personal and “professional” behavior in reference to her own qualifications vs. that of her opponent, I have decided to weigh in on this race.

This is the first of my blogs on this topic, and I apologize to the supporters of this candidate who are friends of mine….but I can’t hold my tongue. While I have been following this judicial race, from afar, I must say that the behavior of one candidate is completely unworthy of a robe….in any court.  I am in receipt of a letter, eerily similar to information I received when HHR was running. This letter was sent to the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct and, I’m betting, Ryba’s supporters will work their judicial magic to ensure this information is not made public until after the election….too late to make the right decision at the voting booth.

Below is the letter which was received by one of my lawyer friends. (I wonder why I wasn’t listed on the CC??)

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The Party that Died

A few weeks ago, the Albany Dems held the traditional Primary night party…and nobody came.

My report out from the party is that Chaiman McLaughlin continues her party planning tradition with the belief that “IT” all happens by magic. My sources tell me that a max of 30 attendees showed up at the Polish Community Center for the celebration.

Unfortunately, McLaughlin ONLY rented the room and nothing else. There was no keg ordered….which turned out to be good because neither was there staff to tend the keg.

There was no big screen to watch the returns nor, I hear, was there any food. My source – just as interested in free beer as myself, tells me that she bought her own. I’m also told that the husband of a judicial candidate conferred with the Chairman to purchase pitchers since the usual free beer and bartender were not ordered in advance.

Ms. McLaughlin, I’m also told, generously allowed him to pay for it as well as order it. Then, my source laughed with this one, McLaughlin was not willing to pay the bill for the room and the last minute scramble when it was presented her. I’m unsure what to make of this decline in Albany Democratic but I have some ideas.

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The Best Candidate for Albany's LD3

I remember looking into the forlorn faces of some of our elected officials when they realized that Wicked Wanda Willingham (WWW) had snuck under the radar to win the Democratic primary in the Albany County's 3rd Legislative District. I laughed…perhaps my assistance should have been requested.

If you don’t know WWW, just type her name in that search box right up there. I’ll wait…now, type in her name W-I-C-K-E-D…and read all about her. You will learn about her slight-of-hand campaign exchange scams with her Twisted Sister, President of the Common Council and Chair of the Albany Dems, Carolyn McLaughlin…you’ll learn about her family’s welfare fraud while she as the chair of the “Welfare” Committee…and all the other little criminal and ethical blemishes belonging to this Dem Candidate.

I’m here to tell you there is hope for the 3rd Legislative District.

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Albany County's Fire Coordinator

On Tuesday night, I attended a long awaited coronation.

I arrived at the Albany County Courthouse for a Legislative meeting and was immediately concerned with the overwhelming number of emergency vehicles surrounding the Courthouse. This must be a 20 alarm emergency with the coverage from all the way across the County.

I, and my walking partner…Mr. Higgins, pondered the situation. When the elevator opened on the second floor we realized that this was not an emergency but tonight would be the night that a County Fire Coordinator would be named…and all my fire guys were there for the coronation. Heck, even the Colonie Supervisor, Ms. Mahan, was there to lend her support.

(Aside: I got a flu shot at the meeting with every intention of getting dizzy, nauseous and fainting amidst all my fire guys….oh well, might that be called desperate for attention?)

After a major political battle where the Democratic Leadership held out for one of their faves over the union’s pick, Gerald Paris, Jr….there was a definite winner on Tuesday night. Mr. Paris (I’m unsure if he is termed Chief but I’m sure I’ll be corrected) comes with an excellent slate of credentials. He has been an instructor with the NYS DOS Office Department of fire prevention and an Instructor with the Albany County Sheriff’s Department and control for 15 years.

This guy has almost as many jobs as Mr. Morse!! He is also an FBTI (?) instructor for Momentive Performance Materials since 2010….Paris has also been with the Town of Colonie Emergency Services as Fire Coordinator since 2008. His certifications make me feel safe just reading them as a National Pro Board Certified Officer 3, Fighter  2 and Service Instructor 2….the list goes on and on….but I think Albany County may have gotten a good one…in spite of the politicos.

Oh, and, as if I didn't already have enough reason to love this guy....he gave a really quick "speech" shook a few hands and took the celebration to the far end of the hallway...saying something on the idea of "I don't want to make your evenings even longer." I just love a succinct man!!

Congratulations Mr. Paris, Albany County is the winner on this one.

"Mayor's" Budget Gamble

Last Thursday, I attended the debut of “Mayor” Sheehan’s fantasy budget. Let’s call it what it is because it’s not a budget – it is “Mayor” Sheehan’s “line in the sand” and it is a gamble Albany can’t afford to lose.

Essentially, Sheehan’s daring the Guv to turn his back on the City. The attendees at this unveiling were Sheehan’s prog support network and when they stared in disbelief Sheehan added that without the Governor’s “gift” of $12.5 million, the City will be insolvent – INSOLVENT – INSOLVENT. (yes-that was the echo in the silence of the Rotunda.)

I guess Mayor Jennings too that backyard money tree with him when he retired. I hear the progs searched high and low for it. Perhaps they decided just to use Jennings budgetary talking points. Funny, when Jennings declared there was no money – no wiggle room – the progs called him a liar. What changed? Seems only the bearer of the bad news.

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