Leaving a Sinking Ship?

It seems that Ms. Quakenbush isn’t the only person leaving the Albany County District Attorney’s office, two of my favorite Assistant District Attorneys are also…I’m just speculating here but…”writing on the wall?”

Mr. Jarrod Sanford, who you might remember from the stories below, is leaving the District Attorney’s office at the end of the week to, hopefully, he says, work for the Attorney General’s office. Jarrod has a great career ahead of him and I’m glad to see he is moving up in the world. He wasn’t a “Denzel” type, but he out prepped and out maneuvered many fine defense attorney because he was solid. The AG’s office will be lucky to get him.

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Albany Store Owner Gets Two Years Behind Bars

Last week, Delceta Mitchell, who, in March was convicted of "selling" drugs out of her Central Avenue store, Linstead Market, in the West Hill area of Albany, was sent to prison for a sentence of two years with one year of post release supervision.

You remember Delceta, right? She was the store owner who didn't have much on her shelves when I went shopping there. In her defense..was a hard working Gaspar Castillo who can do no wrong in my opinion. Unfortunately for his win/loss ration, Jasper Mills (ADA) presented some overwhelming evidence with a confidence which has earned him my "Denzel Award."

(We are awaiting a verdict in the last of the AG's Operation Pipeline trial and Mr. Piche's (Columbia County) trial in Judge Lamont's courtroom...think I may just write up some posts and enjoy the ambiance of the Courthouse Cafe...did you hear about their lunch specials?)

[So sorry to have missed the menu yesterday but, heck, they were busy enough. Curiousity killed the cat folks! Turns out that folks are loving that Italian Mix Sub the CC is serving up...keep an eye out for it next time and you can blame me if you missed Italian Day yesterday (it was  meatball sub, Italian Mix and Pizza!!)

On Thursday, the Courthouse Cafe is serving up the Italian Panini with the regular sides, the Buffalo Chicken Wrap also with the regular sides...I'm going to recommending the Panini (I love it!!) The Quiches of the Day are the Lovely Lorraine and the Broccoli Cheddar and the Soups of the Day are Cream of Broccoli and Chicken Noodle. See ya at the Cafe!!

Oops...almost forgot, the County is being honored for the rehab of the Courthouse. Drop by at 1:30]


Stabbing at Livingston and First

From the APD Press Release:

Albany police are investigating the stabbing of a 23 year old Livingston Avenue man last night at First Street and North Lake Avenue.

Officers responded to the area of First Street and North Lake Avenue, just after 1:00 a.m., after someone called reporting that someone had been stabbed. When officers arrived, Geoffrey Hudson, was found on the sidewalk with a single stab wound to his chest. He told officers that while walking home from work, he got into an argument with a man and was stabbed.

He was treated at the scene by firefighter and transported to Albany Medical Center where he is listed in stable condition.

The suspect is described as a black male, in his late teens, 5’10”, wearing a white shirt, and  black baseball cap.

Behind the Dem Endorsement Scene

On Wednesday night, the Albany County Democratic Committee met to vote on their endorsements George Amedore’s Senate District, (Hey, we might as well get used to it!) and the 108th and 109th Assembly Districts.

Interestingly, Ms. McLaughlin, who was unable to make it to Monday night’s Common Council meeting for Youth in Government night, had enough strength to be wheeled into the Committee meeting to ensure her “endorsement” for the 108th Assembly Seat. Her future “Chief of Staff,” (haha!!) Wicked Wanda Willingham, was also in the room as were “The Wandas” who had changed shirts from the turquoise Wanda to the yellow Carolyn colors. As I leaned against a wall in non-blogging mode, Wicked Wanda came walking by.

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DA Drops Case Against Single Mom when REAL Guilty Party Pleads to Crime

If Fred Santiago, of the public defender’s office, seems to be walking a little taller today, there is good reason. He was handed a case back in July which the DA had brought against a friend of mine. She is a single mother of three who is attending school and one who certainly does not do drugs.

You may have read about the jury selection yesterday where Wanda Willingham’s granddaughter, arrested for drugs and prostitution in April, claimed she couldn’t sit on the jury because of my pregnant friend and defendant being an obvious “promiscuous” drug user.

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