Albany Votes on $2 Million Bond

Monday night the Common Council participated in the annual Youth in Government project in which students from area school sit with their representative council members which is sponsored by the Elks Club of Albany. The only thing on the agenda tonight with any anticipation is the $2 million bonding resolution which has not been met with any opposition in committee. Seems that the questions asked in caucus (which tabled it last meeting) are not being asked in committee..with the people there who can answer the questions.

So, when I got a message that the same pains in the butt that managed to table the resolution last time were planning on ambushing the project again...I, and my tipster, made sure that the “answer people” were in the house tonight. I hear that this whole thing is a “Historic Albany Foundation Hissyfit” because they were “disinivited” from the discussions. Ha! Finally!

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Three Indicted on String of Central Avenue Burglaries

Two men and one woman were arraigned in Albany County Court today on a sealed indictment for a string of Central Avenue Burglaries. The District Attorney’s office indicted Estavan Garcia, Lennox Bennett and Yvonne Torres on a seven count indictment.

Garcia and Bennett were named in all seven counts of the indictment which involved criminal possession of a weapon and burglary of several Central Avenue stores. The stores listed in the burglary were NY Gear at 167 Central Avenue and Central Discount at 65 Central Avenue, there is also a weapons charge for shotgun possession at 59 Central Avenue…a studio apartment. (Oddly enough, this is the former address of Marcus DeJesus Alverez.

Yvonne Torres, a last minute addition to the calendar and appearing in handcuffs and a summer dress sobbed in front of the judge. She was charged in only one count of the indictment, the burglary of 167 Central Avenue and has been assigned the bulldog of an attorney…Trevor Hannigan. Her family has told me that Ms. Torres is guilty of going to do laundry. I’m told that she was going to do laundry the and the stolen goods were in the trunk of the car she was driving. Timing is everything…I can’t wait to watch Mr. Hannigan have his way with this charge!

[The Courthouse Cafe will be serving up their delicious cheeseburger for lunch today and that comes the cheese of your choice, lettuce, tomato and mayo with the regular sides. And hold on to your hats! The pizza oven is fixed!! On the menu for today a special of two slices and a drink of your choice for $5.35 (plus tax, of course.)

On the Soup menu, today is Turkey Tuesday so we've got my favorite soup on the menu...Creamy Turkey Vegetable and everyone else's favorite, Chicken Noodle. The Quiche is Broccoli Cheddar. It's a busy day firefighters are in town and politics are hoppin! Stay tuned for some major news on that campaign thing! See ya at the Cafe!!]

Men of Valor Lend an Assist to Summer Basketball

This summer, the Frank Chapman Memorial Institute will be bringing basketball to “the hood.” Through a free six week program, up to 250 kids will of all ages will be able to participate in the program with a catch…they will be from low income households and they will be required to complete 25 hours of community service, community awareness programs and, for high school participant, SAT preparation training.

The Frank Chapman Memorial Institute was started in 1994 as a scholarship program and was named after County Legislator and the Founder, Norma Chapman’s, father who, for many years, was the last line of defense for Albany’s youth. Through sports, he rescued the kids that the community forgot…and this program, which will be within walking distance for kids in the Arbor/West Hill community (and ACO!) hopes pay Chapman’s legacy forward.

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Two City Men Arrested for Gun Possession

From the APD Press Release:

apd brownAlbany police arrested two City men for gun possession following a search warrant on Sheridan Avenue Friday.

Detectives executed a search warrant at 310 Sheridan Avenue, just before 9:00 p.m., after an investigation revealed that guns may be inside the house.

During the search, detectives recovered a shotgun and a loaded .25 caliber handgun.

Jai-Quan Brown, 21, of 635 State Street, was charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd, three counts Criminal Possession of a Weapon 4th, two counts of Criminal Use of Drug Paraphernalia, and Unlawful Possession of Marijuana.

apd wilburnJordan Wilbur, 20, of 310 Sheridan Avenue, was charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon 4th and two counts of Criminal Use of Drug Paraphernalia.

Both were arraigned Saturday morning in Albany City Criminal Court.

Libous: Consider the Source

One lonely and late night in last year, June 15th, the Senate voted down the rent extender bill for New York City. Now, the Senate majority, the GOP, had agreed to a request by the Guv to pass that bill but in a show of ignorance led by Senator Rivera, the Dems voted down their own bill. (You might say they shot themselves in the foot.) Halfway through the embarrassing show with only one audience member (me), Brez rose to remind his scattered minority that the least they can do is support their own bill…I mean, the GOP was supporting the Democrat’s bill…can’t the Democrats? The answer to that was no…they stubbornly voted down their own bill.

Bewildered, I asked Senator Libous (R) what might happen next, he explained what I soon observed as reality…”the press will report that the GOP voted down the rent extender…we’ll take the blame…we always do.” I laughed, but that is, in fact, reality. I think even some of my Democratic readers would have to agree that the press can and does “spin” many things…they can be vindictive, they can reward, they can ignore…the traditional press is as far from objective as any one entity can be, but because they have dubbed themselves organically objective…that makes it so…or does it?

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