I Like to Learn Something Every Day

Things I learned this week:

  • There are absolutely NO customer service guidelines in the dealing of rock cocaine. (this is a trial! Not a personal experience!!)
  • An IV pump works very well with Sapphire Gin…and it makes campaigning much more efficient…or so it seems.
  • It is possible to be arrested for eating fish sticks…and I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing.
  • In urban dwelling, rolling over in bed often triggers the neighbor’s motion detection light.
  • A police officer can demand my weight during a traffic stop…wonder what happens when I lie.
  • I live within Big Game Hunting territory.
  • There is such a thing as never ending love.

Missing 11 Year Old! FOUND

Albany police are attempting to locate an 11 year old city boy after he did not return home from school yesterday.

Zinque Thomas, of 83 Thornton Street, has been missing since yesterday afternoon. His parents tell police that he did not return home after attending classes at KIPP: Tech Valley School, on Northern Boulevard.

He is a black male, 4’6”, approximately 80 lbs. He was last seen wearing a maroon KIPP polo shirt, and black pants. He may also be carrying a black backpack.

At this time there appears to be no foul play.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Albany Police at 438-4000.

[Sorry, but the picture is in PDF format, you're going to have to follow this link to see Zinque. I'll work on it in another program and see if I can get it on this page.]

Update: 11 year old Zinque Thomas has been located and has been returned home safely.

Thank you all for your help with this investigation.

[On Monday, the Courthouse Cafe is the Reuben on Rye...if you're not drooling yet, here are the details...corned beef with saurkraut with swiss cheese on grilled rye bread...with the regular sides...mac salad, slaw, cottage cheese or fruit salad. The second special of the day is the Turkey BLT and tht comes with the regular sides...the bacon is already "stinkin' up the joint." (I tell ya, if I ever find a man that smells of bacon and knows how to cook it...welll, watch out!)

The soupls of the day are the Tomato Basil and the Chicken Noodle and the quiche of the day is Broccoli Cheddar.  See ya at the cafe!!]

Two FishStick Eaters Found Not Guilty of Robbery

On Thursday, Shawn Peebles (26) and Travis Webb (22), two young black men, were found not guilty in their trial for Robbery in Albany. I must confess to being out of the courtroom for most of the evidentiary segment but I was in the room for the testimony of the “victim” and, I must say…it didn’t take much more than that and the closing arguments from Attorneys Thomas Gabriels and Matt Alpern to convince me that these charges were simply untrue.

Shawn Peebles, which was all of 5’2,” had been at his home on Third Street playing video games and cooking fish sticks. (I can’t say much for his taste in snacks!) Travis Webb, a gangly youngin’ who had held a job at McDonalds for two years, had a girlfriend but still shopped for toilet paper at his Mom’s house hanging with Peebles when a knock came on the door…with the game blasting, the prosecution attempted to convince the jury that the delay in opening the door was not because the fish stick cooking, video playing “kids” didn’t hear the knock…but, the DA supposed, something more sinister.

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County Auction Brings Crowd

On Saturday, the County of Albany auctioned off a variety of foreclosed properties in the semi-annual sale. Unlike some other years, most of the properties were vacant lots and many more were outside the City of Albany than I’ve noticed before. While I don’t know if there were more bidders, there was certainly a larger audience than I’ve seen in the last couple of years. And, even better news, the lots all seemed to be going for higher bids than in previous auctions where most went for the minimum bid.

Of the properties auctioned, about 30 were inside of Albany and, if the high bidder holds, will bring the County about $112,200. I sat in the front row between two locals who, like me, knew from previous auctions, there should have been a lot of minimum bids…not this time! They chuckled as the properties they expected to get for $100 sold for $1500, these guys seemed to have done their homework as they chuckled with me as people bought some of the worst properties in Albany for a song.

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Honest Weight Co-op's Site Plan Approved

honest weightOn Thursday night, the Albany Planning Board approved the Site Plan for the Honest Weight Food Co-op located at 100 Watervliet Avenue in Albany. Board members sat nervously in the audience and Mr. Hershberg presented the plan for a 30,700 square foot supermarket and a 156 space accessory parking lot.

The demolition of the structure currently at the site has also been approved but both it and the site plan are subject to certain requirements which include additional “nods” regarding traffic patterning and landscaping of the lot.

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