DeGaspard: No Show at Sentencing

degaspardGeorge Degaspard was sentenced in the Criminal Supreme Count of Judge Lamont to the maximum sentence of Grand Larceny of 3 ½ to 7 years in prison. Unfortunately, Degaspard was not in the courtroom to hear about his sentencing…sorta like how he wasn’t in the room on April 5th to hear his sentence.

Here’s the Channel 10 report for Mr. Degaspard’s latest arrest:

Albany County District Attorney David Soares announced the arrest of a Saratoga Springs man on Wednesday after he allegedly convinced another man to entrust him with thousands of dollars to invest in the stock market, and never invested the money.

In September 2010, 58-year-old George Degaspard convinced a local man to give him $6,500 to invest in the stock market, however he is not a licensed securities dealer. The money was never invested and attempts to have it returned were ignored.

Degaspard has four prior felony convictions, DA Soares says, one of which involved soliciting $6,000 from the father of a prison inmate with the promise that he could arrange early release for his son.

Degaspard pleaded guilty to one count of Grand Larceny 3rd-degree, a felony, on Tuesday. He is expected to be sentenced to two to four years in state prison.

So, if ya see Mr. Degaspard out and about, tell him that Judge Lamont is looking for him.


Albany Common Council Caucus: Bonds, Redistricting and Students in Government

On Wednesday night, the Albany Common Council Caucus was led by Mr. Conti who just made himself comfy in the oft-vacant McLaughlin chair at the head of the table. First order of business is the agenda for next Monday’s meeting…the Planning Department and Susan Holland (HAF) are seated in the audience…awaiting a battle over the bond of last week’s tabling.

Let the battle begin, Mr. Jamison, Ms. Reginelli and Mr. Yevoli take to the table to explain that the “actual” addresses of possible demolitions to be undertaken with the $2 million bond are not to be had…ya see, as was explained last time, this is a reserve to be prioritized based on much larger project needs. Interestingly, Mr. Yevoli uses the example of not having addresses like, ya know, 123 Chestnut Street. (Mr. Conti lives on Chestnut Street…nudge, nudge.)

So, to satisfy the “demands” of the council, like the last time we went through this, the Department established a pool of buildings which may be targeted, including the possible reparations and the historical significance of each. Mr. Jamison states that his department is tasked with looking at these buildings twice a year…and they WILL find houses that are unsafe. We need to do more and this is going to bring more discovery…and more need. (From ACO…this $2 million isn’t even going to touch the need for demos in Albany….for instance, the Knitting Factory bill was a half a million itself!)

Read more: Albany Common Council Caucus: Bonds, Redistricting and Students in Government

Volunteers Needed for Veterans' Legal Clinic

While I'm not a fan of the Legal Project, I am a fan of our Veterans...and with the legal expertise of my readers, I'm going the Legal Project a favor in posting this request. (Perhaps one day they will return the favor with some advertising.)

From the LP:

The Legal Project is starting a new Legal Clinic to advise Veterans that have legal questions!

The Clinic is FREE and will be held each month on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Where?  At the Stratton VA Medical Center @ 113 Holland Avenue, Albany

What?  Free 1/2 hour private consultation with an attorney for advice and information regarding legal questions.

How can I help?  We are looking for attorneys and a coordinator to volunteer a couple of evening hours each month to provide this service.

What areas of law?  We are looking for Bankruptcy/Credit, Matrimonial/Family, Employment, Landlord/Tenant.  And, we are looking for any of you that have expertise in working with Veteran's Affairs!

Where Do I Sign Up?!

Call 518-435-1770

Ask for Rose Porter and

Tell Rose you want to volunteer your services with the VA Legal Clinic.

[Thursday at the Courthouse Cafe features a pulled pork sandwich! Yehaaa....they were just putting up the backyard smoker when I arrived at the cafe this AM..the smell of hickory still in the air! Now, while the Cafe kiddos are offering up the regular sides, you and I both know that the only proper side for a pulled pork sandwich is coleslaw, right? And plop that cole slaw right on top of the pulled pork and smoosh the top down on top of it....yup, that's what ya call a real pig sandwich!

The second special of the day is the Chicken Cranberry's no pig sandwich but it's got a pretty good following with Chicken, Cheddar, lettuce and tomato on a spinach or plain wrap...that comes with the regular sides. The Quiche today is Spinach Mushroom and the soups are the Cream of Broccoli and Chicken Noodle...see ya at the Cafe.]

Actions Against NYRA Will Not Impact NY Racing Industry or Purses

From the RWB:

New York State Thoroughbred Breeding & Development Fund Chairman John D. Sabini today stressed that New York’s Thoroughbred breeding industry is sound and will not be impacted by the State’s withholding of operating and capital revenue for The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA).

Additionally, Chairman Sabini reiterated that the world-renowned Saratoga meet this summer will take place as planned.

Read more: Actions Against NYRA Will Not Impact NY Racing Industry or Purses

NYSenate Passes McDonald's "Protection of People With Special Needs Act"

This bill was the only reason I showed up at the Senate Chamber's the press release from the NY Senate, good on ya Senator McDonald:

The New York State Senate today passed the Protection of People With Special Needs Act, which reforms and strengthens protections for more than one million state residents with special needs. The bill (S.7400), sponsored by Senator Roy McDonald (R-C-I, Saratoga), will enhance the safeguards for children and adults who are particularly vulnerable to abuse and neglect and receive care from New York’s human service agencies and programs.

Read more: NYSenate Passes McDonald's "Protection of People With Special Needs Act"

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