Morse Blames Brez for No Minimum Wage Bill

From the Morse Press Release:

morseDemocrat Shawn Morse today laid the state’s failure to raise the minimum wage at the feet of his opponent in the race for the new 44th State SenateDistrict, longtime incumbent Neil Breslin.

“What elected officials do while in office has real consequences for the working people of this state,” explained Morse, who currently serves as Chair of the Albany County Legislature.  “The mistakes made by Neil Breslin and the Senate Democrats - mistakes like failing to fix our broken redistricting system, failing to clean up Albany and failing to help the upstate economy – lead to them being kicked out of the majority by the voters.  And now, when we need a Democratic majority so we could raise the minimum wage and help workingf amilies, we don’t have it.”

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Teen Arrested for Pellet Pistol

apd gaddyAlbany police arrested an 18 year old Watervliet Avenue man last night after he was caught carrying an imitation pellet pistol in his waistband.

Officers on patrol, stopped a car  just after 9:00 p.m., after it was seen traveling on Third Street with a broken tail light. When officers approached the car, they smelled a strong odor of marijuana.

Officers interviewed the driver and learned  he was driving without a license.

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Payments Withheld from NYRA for "Bad Behavior"

I find it very interesting that the media is reporting that NYRA has elected two officers and that the Racing and Wagering Board is not happy about it but it seems odd that they are not reporting that, due to NYRAs continued failure to actin in the best interest of racing, the Lottery Division is instructing Genting to withhold NYRA's payments.Here's a link to the actual letter and below, is the text as can best be converted from the scanned version.

[Update: The media has now read page two of this letter.]

Now, you know what's on page two of the press release.

The New York Racing Association, Inc. [NYRA] has elected Ellen McClain, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, as President and Kenneth V. Handal as Secretary. We believe these actions are entirely inappropriate, violate regulatory standards and NYRA’s own by-laws, and neither the Racing and Wagering Board nor the Franchise Oversight Board recognize the validity of these appointments. Furthermore, NYRA has established a pattern of activity which demonstrates that the Association is not acting in the best interest of racing, but only in its own proprietary interest. Given the specific financial interests in horse ranging heid bythe majority of the NYRA Board members, We are concerned about the potential confiicts of interest on the NYRA Board.

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Center Square Drunk Driver Smashes Seven Cars

apd giriFrom the APD PRess Release:

Albany police arrested a 24 year old Morris Street man last night after he crashed into seven cars and refused to stop for the police.

Officer Steven Silver, was driving north on Lark Street, when the crew from Albany Fire Departments Engine 1, flagged him down at the intersection of Lark and State Streets around 10:45 p.m., where an accident had just occurred, and a black Chevrolet Camero was sideways in the intersection. The firefighters pointed to a black Kia Rio heading east on State Street and told the officer that he was responsible for the accident.

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County Ledge: Almost Like Being There

On the agenda Monday night were a few things of interest but we couldn’t get to them until the public comment period was completed. I won’t bore you with the regs but we know what they are right? The Nursing Home folks, who are getting more and more creative every month (good on ya, NHF) and the frackers did their regular song and dance.

About six deep into the speakers came a woman named Pearl whose son was diagnosed with a mental illness at four months of age. After the age of 18 he lost his medical coverage and attempted suicide…he was brought to Albany Med and some other places after which he tried to kill four family members….he went to Albany Med again but he was hooked up with the Department of Mental Health’s CART program.

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