Behold the Sovereign Citizen

jshawnFor the second time in about a week, Jshawn Washington stood before Judge Herrick and refused to speak with his attorney. I bet you’re wondering why. Because, he has declared himself a sovereign citizen no government or representative of the government shall have any say over him…never-you-mind the orange jumpsuit and shackles.

Ms. Carpinello is assigned defense counsel and if she were a lesser person she might take Mr. Washington’s refusal to speak to her a little more personally. She stood tall, well, as tall as possible for Ms. Carpinello, as Jshawn insisted that he would be representing himself. As is required by New York State Law, Judge Herrick attempted to ask some questions designed to determine the ability of the defendant to represent himself.

Herrick: “Are you making a request to represent yourself?”

Jshawn: “I am representing my ‘person.’”

Herrick: “I have to make a certain determination here Mr. Washington and you’re not representing anybody until I make a decision that you are capable of representing yourself. “


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Morse Responds to Espada Verdict

Statement from Shawn Morse:

“I am glad to see today’s guilty verdicts for disgraced ex-Senator Pedro Espada.  This is yet another step in cleaning up our State Government and giving New Yorkers the legislature they deserve.  WhileI hope this is the final end of Pedro Espada’s role in government, we still need to take a hard look at how this situation arose, and the bad choices that were made that allowed him to lie, cheat and steal from the taxpayers for as long as he did.

My opponent, who was one of those who supported Mr. Espada in exchange for keeping his position in the Majority, now admits that he “shares in the guilt” and the “shame” for his past support.  Mr. Breslin may admit his guilt now, but itwould have been far better if he never supported Mr. Espada for Majority Leader in the first place.  The damage that Neil Breslin’s support of Mr.Espada did to the state, to his reputation, and to the reputation of Democrats as a whole is still being felt.  The next time Mr. Breslin is offered the chance to support a criminal in exchange for more power, I hope he thinks better of it.”

(From ACO: Guess the rosary necklace didn't help.)

Two Young Albany Men Arrested with Loaded Handguns

From the APD Press Release:

apd carterAlbany police arrested two men over the weekend after they were caught with loaded handguns.

Ravenal Dunbar, 16, of 3064 Sixth Avenue, Troy, New York, was arrested  Saturday evening, after officers stopped a large group in the area of 76 Central Avenue, just before 6:30 p.m. Dunbar ran as police approached and led officers on a foot pursuit for several blocks carrying a handgun in his hand. While running, Dunbar fell and dropped the gun. He continued to run north through the yards on Sherman Street and was eventually caught on Elk Street.

Christopher Carter, 19, of 409 First Street, was arrested last night, after Officer Jason Martin, observed Bryan Conner, 29, of 27 ½ Lexington Avenue, smoking marijuana on the steps of 31 Lexington Avenue. While speaking to him about the marijuana, Carter was located standing under the front steps that leads to the basement apartment. While conducting his investigation, Officer Martin located a .40 caliber handgun under the steps where Carter was standing. Carter was arrested at the scene without incident.

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