Dontay: A Martyr for Change

On Monday night, I attended the Albany Common Council meeting which, for the most part, was a protest against DA Soares, “Mayor” Sheehan and the Albany Police for the lack of indictment in the death of Dontay Ivy. I must say that I can’t blame the protesters. As much as I support our police, I also know that there are many other people in other parts of the city that would not have been as aggressively approached by the APD at that time of night.

The APD/DA found no fault on the part of the police officers involved, and, with that I agree also…but, if we look at the APD as a whole there are a lot of issues that might have been a better use of public time than pursuing Dontay Ivy on that cold April night. As was pointed out by several speakers on Monday, with my head nodding in agreement, citizens reported many incidents of open air drug dealing and use, drinking and menacing on the streets, and numerous violations much more serious than going to the store for candy. If the police arrived at all when called for clear and witnessed violations of the law, the speakers indicated that the APD advised the perpetrator to move along. (I know this is the case as it has happened to me.)

Of course, I understand that the time and energy spent booking a homeless person is wasted time and energy for the police and the court system, however, “moving the person along” does nothing but endanger the next citizen he comes in contact with…and that next person may not have the fortitude to stand up to an aggressive or violent homeless person with nothing to lose.

So, where do we go from here?

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Judicial Candidate Continues to Challenge Ethical Boundaries

And the ethical breaches keep on coming from the Ryba camp….I’m so tired of seeing that smiling face when she’s acting with such disregard for the law…and in a campaign for the judiciary?

(At least this time I’m not alone in my observance of unethical behavior unbecoming a judge…seems this behavior might be in contrast with her “rating.” Bet I know who got that for her!)

Opinion 09-162 (citations omitted). The above-referenced principles also apply here.

Under the circumstances you have presented, you are advised that it would be misleading for you to state in your campaign material that you are the “only Supreme Court candidate in the 3rd Judicial District to have interviewed with the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission and to have received a ‘qualified’ rating,” as this statement is likely to create an impression that your opponent may have interviewed with the IJEQC and failed to secure a “qualified” rating, and this is contrary to your own understanding that your opponent has not applied for a rating.

Ryba's response to the above:





Judge “Peters” Principle Inflates Candidate’s Judicial Cred

More on Ms. Ryba:

As you know, I have “intimate” knowledge of codes court…which, interestingly, seems to be the wealth of “trial experience” Supreme Court candidate Christina Ryba boasts. I hear from those who know her that in November 2002, “Christina was going nowhere in the Corporation Counsel's office. She was not a good lawyer,” they say. But ambition she had. When she challenged the then Corp Counsel (now City Court Judge) Gary Stiglmeier, I’m told,”Stiglemeier stuck to his guns and declined to promote her. She went to Mayor Jennings and threatened a civil rights case – claiming that Stiglmeier was a racist. (Yeah, I got a giggle out of that one!!) The source continues with the explanation of how Ryba made it to ACDA (the same building that I worked in at the time!)  “It was such a toxic situation that the Mayor moved her to the Albany Community Development Agency.”

[From those at the ACDA at the time, she was cute…and that’s it...but what a dummy. Chuckle]

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Queen of the Progs Backs GOP Candidate for Supreme Court

I was just forwarded a rather astonishing email from Maureen O'Brien, queen of the Albany Progs.

In that letter, Ms. O'Brien pretty much sums up her new found support for Norman Massry (GOP) for Supreme Court as "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." She points to the fibbing done by Candidate Ryba and rightfully acknowledges, this is not the kind of judicial candidate anyone should be supporting.

Interestingly, online sources indicate that Ms. O'Brien is "co-chair" of the progressive group, the RFK Democrats and I must assume that all the members received this email....including Matt Peters, (also co-chair) and Ms. Sheehan's (a Ryba supporter) Chief of Staff.

This will be interesting to watch and I simply must add, with this O'Brien move, I have a little more hope for Albany's future.

Here are my recent blogs about Ms. Ryba, you may support Norm Massry here.

Judge “Peters” Principle Inflates Candidate’s Judicial Cred

Judicial Campaign...Reaches New Low

And, because so many of you have asked, here is MOB2's letter.

First Declared Candidate for NY Senate 44

For the first time in 6 years, Neil Breslin, should he hold up for yet another favor heavy campaign for New York Senate (44), will be facing a declared Republican candidate for his seat. That candidate is Christopher Davis, a person you’re never heard of….why well, first off, we are on the eve of the general election and Davis is not running until next year and second….he’s a Republican.

Mr. Davis states he has begun the most active campaign…on his side of the aisle in years and he is quickly learning that media coverage is nonexistent for Republicans, unless, of course, they go full frontal like Ms. Benedict on Ms. Mahan….in a heated election one week in the future.

I, for one, will be keeping up with this GOPper running against the crowned king of Albany Politics…and whomever he selects as his successor….I suggest you get to learning about this ambitious candidate.

Check him out here.


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